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Gian Saunders, aka The Fierce Female Financier, and “Money Doctor” Brett Pipkin Share Their Mission To Break Poor Money Habits

Gian Saunders has always preferred a life of wealth and abundance. So, when her parents told her the key to life was secondary education and a stable job, she knew that life didn’t sound like a fit for her. Discovering a life in entrepreneurship, she went through her ups and downs, which included a divorce, before she found success in the world of financial advising. Not only did she find a passion in helping others reach financial literacy, but she also found a business colleague and life partner in Brett Pipkin.

Together, the fiancées have melded their life and business goals into one and are spreading the message of maintaining healthy relationships with money across the nation. They operate a financial advising firm together that serves communities in Southern California. With each client they take on, Saunders and Pipkin are not only educating them but are inspiring a new leader in their fight against financial illiteracy. With a focus on improving their own community now, the couple has plans to open more firms nationwide in the coming years. “We’re not here to just elevate each other, but we’re going to elevate this world together,” Saunders remarks.

Moving forward, the couple plans to continue their work in promoting health money relationships, but they also have plans for further business ventures. Pipkin, for example, is hoping to open a food truck that will suffice in fulfilling his culinary desires. The couple also wants to open a fitness center, film studio, and, eventually, a school that will educate youth on the importance of proper finances.

Learn more about Gian Saunders and Brett Pipkin, as well as their financial education mission, by following them on Instagram: @fierce_female_financier and @pipkinbrett

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