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Meet Kelly Ogbonna, the 19 year old CEO of Cash Capital Investment Group, who turned $26 to $26,000!


Theodore Roosevelt was an extraordinary leader. Serving as the 26th US President, Roosevelt led with charisma rooted with an ironheart. Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Roosevelt’s underlying message conveys a growth mindset. A mentality that supports utilizing any and all resources for forward progress. The application of a growth mindset rings true with

how Kelly Ogbonna, creator of Cash Capital Investment Group, turned $26 to $26,000 trading in the stock market.

The Gender Gap:

The general gender demographic of traders and investors is homogenous. Statistically, investors and traders are on average male with their female counterparts lagging behind. Superficially, this may make it harder for women to break into the industry as there is a clear hurdle to cross. Nonetheless, Ogbonna, noticed these trends, but yet took action to learn as much as she could about the stock market.

“I love information and learning new things” Ogbonna said with a smile.

“I’m a go-getter and hustler. I started with $26 in my trading account and taught myself how to trade in the stock market. I learned strategies such as options trading and swing trading.”

The Flip: Turning $26 to $26,000:

To make any kind of profit in the stock market is difficult. There’s a plethora of information to digest, trading strategies to practice, and indicators that allow traders to make more informed decisions.

Although it may sound like a fallacy, Ogbonna accomplished what others may look at as an impossible feat by simply committing to adopting a growth mindset.

“Whether it’s staying up all night watching informational stock trading Youtube videos or reading about the market for hours — I’m putting in the work. My success didn’t happen overnight and it was not random. I’m spending the time preparing, so I can make the best decisions possible for profit.” Ogbonna remarked.

To onlookers who are skeptical, Ogbonna has created her Instagram page to not document her journey, but give value to her audience where she has amassed over 175,000 followers on Tik Tok.

“My whole job is I get to talk to people, educate, and make them money. I really try to build a relationship with everyone that uses my service” Ogbonna mentioned.

Membership Group:

Many traders and investors have lost their magnanimity. Failing to realize that brand is built off value not sales. Ogbonna realizes this and leans into her personable personality to convey to her audience that her value proposition is rooted by giving value first. As a result, Ogbonna has created a premium group that gives members an e-learning platform that features winning trades, technical analysis, in-depth news analytics, live news, membership giveaways and more. She has a list of testimonials on her website and encourages anyone, regardless of skill level, to join her group.

Driven to Make an Impact:

Driven to make an impact; Ogbonnna knows that it’s not how much money she has that will leave a legacy, but how deep her impact is. “You can die with your money, but your impact will never die if you use it correctly” Ogbonna said with a smile.

With explosive growth in both Ogbonna’s social accounts and business; Ogbonna is starting to see the fruits of her labor come to fruition.

“I wouldn’t trade this for anything else… My dream has always been to interact with people and help people.”

To get started with Ogbonna, visit her website and Instagram page. Reference this article to get the top 3 mistakes new traders make when entering the market.

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