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This the fourth album that will be released June 6th 2021 on the most important digital music streamings around the world by MUSICA PRESENTE, the Records Label directed by Renzo Cresti. It is one

splendid four-handed work by the Italian composer Aldo Brizzi,

collaborator of the greatest Brazilian musicians of this time and author of Operas represented throughout

the world, and the great Classical Indian Artist Raghunath Manet.

Raghunath Manet is one of the very well know all over the world Indian musician, dancer and Veena player (an oldest carnatic musical instrument) of this time.

He was collaborator for years of the great American dancer and choreographer Carolyn Carlson who has performed with many jazz legends, including Archie Shepp.

Brizzi already had experiences with the Indian music, in 2002 with Endless Trails, a music project with the indian singer Nella Baghwat.

Aldo Brizzi and Raghunath Manet made together HOLOS

an extraordinary album of Indian and electronic music.

Brizzi says: “I adapted to his improvisations which I tried to give a look

electronics then came to mind, listening to electronics, other musical factors, for example superimpose the voice through quotations of moments of Indian sacred texts e the execution not only to the veena, but also to the Indian bells that dancers use by tying them to the body

creating a very complex polyrhythmic perspective “.

It’s a big experience for the listner to enjoy these two fantastic musicians sail in a sea of sounds that is infinite.

“HOLOS” is a music reality in the form of oleogram that creates three-dimensional sound images, suspended between Earth and Sky,

with polyrhythms and sophisticated procedures that respect the spirituality of Indian devotional songs.

A true masterwork!

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