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Best State Parks near Chicago to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Soul

Are you an admirer of nature who loves seeing the beautiful state parks of America? Do you wish to plan a trip to Chicago but want to stay away from the humdrum of city life? Get ready to learn about the state parks near Chicago that will give you a peaceful escape from the city.

The Best State Parks near Chicago

  1. Indiana Dunes State Park

Indiana Dunes Park is amongst the most stunning areas that can be visited. Acquiring over 2000 acres, this is the best recreational area. The majestic shoreline and beautiful dunes look amazing.

  1. Channahon State Park 

Channahon State Park is situated near the city and is perfect for People with short vacation plans. The 61 miles hiking will give you an experience for a lifetime.

  1. Starved Rock State Park

This is perfect for a day trip. It is famous for steep canyons and fascinating sandstone formations. If you love hiking, this place is a must-visit for you.

  1. Matthiessen State Park

Beautiful waterfall, calm streams, bewitching canyons and dense forest awaits you at Matthiessen State Park. Adding to your convenience, this is just 100 km from Chicago. Enjoy the hiking trail in nature’s lap. 

  1. Shabbona Lake State Park

Situated 70 miles from Chicago, it is a man-made fishing lake. This is an ideal approach to escaping the buzz of city life and finding solace in nature. You can enjoy a plethora of activities like kayaking, fishing and boating. 

  1. Pere Marquette State Park

Being the largest in Illinois, it acquires more than 8000 acres. The stunning view of the Illinois River, Mississippi and the carpet of yellow, red and orange leaves are breathtaking.

  1. Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

This 250 acres Park is beyond comprehension. It is easily accessible as it is just 30 minutes from Chicago. It has hundreds of flora and fauna. It is apt for hikers, bikers and horse riders. 

  1. Kankakee River State Park

The Kankakee River state park is the untouched beauty in Chicago. The alluring cascade and calm water is a hidden gem. It is home to many fun activities like fishing, kayaking, and hiking. It takes less than an hour to visit this beautiful park.

  1. Chain O’Lakes State Park

This is best for visiting with family and friends. It has nine connecting lakes. The huge stretch of beach, calming water and gentle breeze will relax your soul. Chain O’Lakes State Park is marked by various picnic spots with fantastic food.

  1. Illinois Beach State Park

State parks in Illinois are perfect for people who love beaches. You can bathe, swim and sunbathe on the Illinois beach. This is just perfect for relaxing amidst azure water and dunes.

Who wouldn’t love to enjoy the beach, soothing water and hiking? Which state parks near Chicago would you love to visit? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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