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Singer Elisa Bartoli lands a deal in the United States and teams up with Hollywood’s award-winning Artist Steven Vitali, Composer, Arranger, Writer, Actor, Film Director, and Hitmaker. The musical collaboration is being recorded both in the United States and in

Fano, Italy. Vitali is very proud of this area as it is part of his ancestry that comes from his late father’s side. It is also where both Elisa Bartoli and Steven Vitali’s origins come from. Fano is a town and comune of the province of Pesaro and Urbino in the Marche region of Italy.

It is no accident, in my opinion, that the most famous Italian composers were born in this region. And, even though Vitali was never born there, Steven considers this area to be more than just a source of inspiration. Anyone who knows Steven closely knows how integral this part of the world is to his being. To even consider the possibility of the universe orchestrated this to bring Bartoli and Vitali together? Or maybe is it entirely possible that it was written in the stars?

As Elisa Bartoli puts it succinctly, “I think nothing happens by chance. Indeed, I am convinced that, in some way, everything we do, every thought we have, and every experience we live leads us towards something already written. Like meeting Steven Vitali. If they had told me, years ago, that one day, out of nowhere, I would have had a great opportunity like this, I would never have believed it.” I, too, feel that thisis no coincidence that both Bartoli and Vitali were introduced. And for what other reason than for a great purpose? Isn’t one of God’s greatest gifts the creation of music?

And on that note, if one really ponders on it, what would we do without it?

At this point, one really is intrigued to figure out how did such an association begin? As the saga goes, Vitali’s cousin Davide Bartoli, an Italian physician and surgeon, introduced Elisa and Steven first. Steven, who is best known for his award-winning instrumental music and film scores, listened to a musical track sent to him by his cousin. This musical composition had the voice of Elisa Bartoli, who is now his distant cousin.

After hearing her vocals, Vitali intuitively recognized that this voice was not of an ordinary singer but rather a lady with a distinct tone and a fine set of pipes. Vitali elucidates and goes on to praise her by saying that “she reminds me of Celine Dion when she was younger.” Steven still remembers the time when he sang a song that he wrote at a fundraising function for Celine Dion to celebrate her excellent support for Cystic Fibrosis. Vitali recalls Celine’s

generosity and will always remain grateful for the thunderous standing ovation that followed the performance.

After a year of contact, Bartoli landed the platform most singers aspire to. It sure is working with Steven Vitali, credited by many music industry executive elites with raising the bar for songwriting and instrumentation.

Steven Vitali has been writing, conducting, and playing music professionally for over three decades. It is rare for anyone to have not heard about Steven Vitali and his musical genius. This fact is proven by the hundreds of millions of people worldwide on radio, television, and movies. When he was in his twenties, Steven signed a co-publishing and worldwide administration contract with Warner/Chappell Music Publishing. Since then, the hits have continued to pour in and still remains one of the widely celebrated music of all time. Companies like Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, Capitol Records, and Sony, to name a few, have all represented Steven’s music.

Vitali is a prolific film producer and filmmaker on both the production and post-production side of things these days. His latest movie, a feature-length documentary film, has been officially included in several film festivals and award shows during the 2021 festival and award show season. His film “The Jewels of the Salton Sea,” directed by Steven Vitali, produced by Grace Vitali and narrated by Hollywood actor Michael Madsen, is currently a finalist at the Cannes World Film Festival in France. Even his major documentary film makes its way through the film festival, and awards show circuit this year. A man of many celebrated talents, Vitali’s music video, “Covid-19 Call to Prayer God’s Army,” is now also selected as a finalist in the Rome Music Video Awards 2021. This brilliant composition by Steven Vitali, which is both a song and video, is dedicated to the unsung heroes, the physicians, nurses, and caregivers who sacrifice their lives to help save ours.

On the other hand, the wonderful singer Elisa Bartoli is a firm believer in the power of fate and takes little for granted.

“It’s impossible to meet people when most of the country is on

lockdown, and you can’t go out. Nonetheless, our creative paths have practically crossed for Steven and me due to our common ancestors. If that isn’t fate, I’m not sure what is. And we wanted to defeat this pandemic and motivate more, which is just what we are doing.” Fortunately for Steven’s ability to recognize pure talent, one thing is certain that we will soon hear a stunning musical masterpiece from this rising starlet. With Vitali at the helm, you cannot expect anything less. We sure cannot wait to hear more from this melodious singer who has captivated the hearts and ears of many. But the most important of all, for many adoring fans, one of the world’s best musicians – Steven Vitali.

Vitali, who is currently working on many projects for film, television, and radio, is ecstatic to be able to bring Elisa Bartoli’s vision to life. We had to check in with Elisa to know what it feels like to be collaborating with Steven Vitali. In her own words, “working with a big artist like Steven Vitali is a great honor. He is not only a great composer, arranger, producer, and director, but he also has all the character peculiarities of great artists. He is human, humble, sweet, and even a little fatalistic, like me. Our very distant origins have made us meet and I hope they can take us far. Sharing the same origins and passion for music is a rare gift and what I would like, and what I hope, is not only to write a good song with him but also to establish a relationship of friendship and mutual respect. In an increasingly individualistic world, I believe it is important to cultivate human ones as well as professional relationships. And in this sense, I think I can say that Steven and I have already started on the right foot.”

I believe that in the world today, apart from as well as good music and films, we need inspiring stories like this more than ever. Inventing music during this time more than ever is in great need that can offer humanity a diversion from this pandemic. It even possesses the potential to become art for many during these difficult times. “From my experience music will genuinely motivate us, encourage us, and have a feeling of optimistic diversion,” says

When we checked in with Steven to know the deciding factor to work with Elisa Bartoli, Steven had the following to say – “Working with Elisa was influenced by several reasons. This isn’t about me trying to make my distant cousin’s fantasy of being a superstar come true, but about instilling a deep and fresh healing nature from the roots of our beings,our hearts, for the world to enjoy.

The main aim is to create a timeless artistic partnership because music is timeless. I don’t believe in coincidences, but it’s my guess. I’m sure Elisa feels the same way, that there was a lot of work put into bringing us together, but I can’t forget the significance of this. In terms of other determining factors, I’d like to say that her singing, first and foremost, was the most important one. Getting a great voice and a great tune, on the otherhand, does not always imply success in this industry. The singer, rather than anyone else, must believe in themselves, and I believe

Elisa does, and that is where the magic will happen.”

Vitali continues. “I’ve always believed that music makers had a greater hand, so if I’m asked where it comes from, I always say the same thing – I have no clue. I know that when I’m writing, and I am so focused on what I’m doing, my surroundings seem to be lightyears away. More than anything, I believe it is a reflection of the singer’s personality. Music has always been personal to me. Now Elisa comes in after having gained a great deal of vocal acclaim and already has a fantastic list of credits, in my opinion. It’s now up to me to help it along so that the rest of the world can hear a synergy and collaboration representing all of our strongest qualities that we share. While I assume that we can write a persuasive song with a catchy hook between us, it sure will be humble and commercial given our good relationship. It is our endeavor to make it relatable enough for our listeners. For me, there is a special kind of craft that goes into music-making. It really is all about carefully crafting every note, every lyric, each track, and the arrangement of instruments that the listener can have a transformative experience. A transcendental experience encourages the listeners, which we all need, especially during this pandemic. Music has the potential to transform people and influence a positive response and bring peace to this planet. And lastly, I believe that we can introduce something new and exciting, something that others had not heard before but were longing for.”

We can’t wait to witness the musical magic that these two will weave soon! With Vitali on board, we are obviously assured of that.

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