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Meet the Artist: Robert Raczyk

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Art is so much more than a product. It is a process and a lifestyle. Many people cannot see past the final product. So let’s examine that: What makes for a beautiful product can often be the details that are the most difficult to properly capture and convey. The ideas that move us and break us are in the minute.

In the world of 3D animation, no piece is complete without a dynamic storyline, fantastic visuals, and smooth movements. Photographer, sculptor, and animator Robert Raczyk combines all three of these concepts into beautifully polished creations that are pleasing to view and perfectly capture the true meaning of “art.”

Raczyk’s most recent work, an animated music video for MNSXN’s song “Somebody Save Me,” is a feast for the eyes as well as the soul. Featuring graphics created entirely in a single program, this animation moves fluidly from scene to scene. It depicts a story of love, hope, and otherworldly desperation. Extraordinarily moving, Raczyk’s creation hits the nail on the head. However, this piece is not the first of Raczyk’s wondrous designs, and it is far from being the last.

Finding his start in sculpting and painting throughout 2012, Raczyk quickly learned how to harness his creativity. Craving another outlet through which he could express himself, he soon began to capture images through photography in 2015. By 2016 Raczyk’s career as a photographer was quickly taking off. He had the opportunity to photograph Rihanna as well as Travis Scott as his name spread. Then choosing to take up 3D animation, Raczyk developed even further in the realm of his artistry.

No artist is without roadblocks. Although he has been met with some health struggles throughout his journey, Raczyk’s flourishing career has kept his mind sharp and his motivation flowing. Propelled forward by his love for creating, Raczyk’s perseverance and skill mark him as one of the strongest up-and-coming artists of his time.

Raczyk cites the development of his 3D animation skills as the impetus for his overall growth as an artist. Stretching outside of his usual boundaries pushed him to learn and adapt to new aspects of art previously unknown to him. This growth then lent itself to the further exploration of new textures, concepts, and aspects of design that push the boundaries of imagination.

The dedication that making good art requires is often hard to obtain, even for professionals such as Raczyk. However, Raczyk has developed and then bottled this trait and nourishes his mind with it daily. For the last four years, he has been perfecting a new project that will be unlike any other piece you have seen from him before. It is set to be released on July 14.

Continuing to look to the future, Raczyk will tweak his skills and strive for greatness each and every day. Nothing life has thrown at him so far has stopped him, and he does not plan on changing that fact any time soon.


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