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Digital marketing

We all know from history that when Napoleon conquered Egypt how much communication meant to his victories. The right communication is the way to success. There are two types of communication where one is one-way communication as the sender shares his message to his audience via a tool while the other form is two-way communication which is also called a dialogue.

let’s stick to the first kind of communication mentioned above which means a great deal for the road to success. Digital marketing is about using social media for marketing. The two best tools are facebook and instegram. But what is the difference? Facebook is probably better at sharing a message in while instegram is probably better at hitting its target audience. It is thus a big difference whether you use video or carry a picture. An image can say and tell several things at once while a video takes longer to convey a message but if it is generally better to use video on instegram and use links and posts on Facebook. let’s look at some of the people who have been successful with digital marketing:

  1. Olivia Rink is an American fashion and lifestyle blogger. She shares her views on her life living in New York City, her sense of style, and go to beauty tips.
  2. Sammy Robinson is an Australian beauty YouTuber who has worked with global fashion and beauty brands.
  3. Louis Cole, or “funforlouis” is an English-born film producer, YouTuber who lives in Venice Beach, California. He loves to travel and vlogs all of his life experiences and being a vegan.
  4. Julia Hengel is an American Instagram blogger, founder and creative director of “Gal Meets Glam” clothing
  5. Ingrid Nilsen is an American YouTuber and content creator. She created a podcast, The One Step Podcast, where she talks about tackling life one step at a time.
  6. Jenn Im is a Korean- American fashion and beauty vlogger. Her YouTube Channel began in 2010 and today has over 2.6 Million subscribers.
  7. Luka Sabbat is an American model,  actor, and producer. He is most known for his parts in the film, The Dead Don’t Die and Grown-ish.
  8. Arvin Niknia is an Iranian Danish Blogger, Author and Entrepreneur who lives in Denmark. He loves to travel and show his life experiences. 
  9. Murrad Osmann is a Russian photographer and film producer. He is acclaimed for winning a “Influencer of the Year” title as well as being named in the “Top 3 Travel Influencers” by Forbes.
  10. Jamie Oliver is a British Chef, restaurateur, and author. Most known for his simple yet delicious take on cooking and his TV shows where he teaches viewers his recipes.

I could also have mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Johnson and Kardashian but this was just an example of how much digital marketing matters.

More books have been written on the subject and more and more people are realizing daily how important and influential this kind of marketing is in our daily lives….

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