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A-Ram presents: “Close To Glory,” a stunning double single.

Two songs, one strong message of hope.

Anthony “A-Ram” Ramos is a recording artist and songwriter who developed a one-of-a-kind creative concept. His sound blurs the lines between hip-hop melodies and the soothing emotional punch of gospel, leaving so much room for creativity and sonic excellence. Anthony Ramos recently took to social media to announce an exciting double single, “Close To Glory”. This new studio work features two songs, “Glorious” and “So Close,” each bringing something unique to the table. Although this release consists of only two pieces, Anthony Ramos took the opportunity to push creative boundaries while sharing a positive and uplifting message with his audience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Anthony is also known as “A-Ram,” a native of Philadelphia with a Puerto Rican background. He’s been quickly garnering a massive following with his music, counting well over 230,000 registered streams worldwide. “Close To Glory” isn’t just another set of singles but a strong example of the passion, drive, and intentionality to connect with others that makes Anthony’s music so unique and far-reaching. In addition to that, both songs are incredibly diverse yet come together to beautifully complement the project together cohesively.

In a world stricken with difficult times, Anthony is actively promoting faith, seeking to inspire people, share his life story, as well as ignite hope in the hearts of his listeners. When not busy recording, A-Ram also works closely with non-profit organizations, Faith-based CBOs, youth workers, and pastors, looking to contribute and help people connect with their faith. 

These songs feel like a perfect introduction to Anthony’s sound and “mission” as an artist and human being!

Find out more about A-Ram, and do not miss out on his music, including his most recent studio release, “Close To Glory.”

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