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The beauty of crossroads

Have you ever been at a crossroads? 
Have you ever wondered “why me”?  
Have you ever been so close to the edge you wanted to jump?

If so then you may wonder where I – and others – see beauty at a crossroads.

So, for just a minute, let’s take a step down to that crossroads.

Why are you here? 
You are here because there is something missing, something that is calling you, something that you need to pay attention to.  Most likely this is connected to your purpose and passion.

You have come to this spot in your life to remind you of who you are and why you are here.

Isn’t that an amazing wake-up call?

Sure, there may be some parts in the journey to your wake-up that seem to cause pain;  sometimes emotional and sometimes physical – and sometimes both.  Thus, crossroads has been labeled as something negative in many social settings; it seems to indicate being stuck and being forced in one or the other direction or doing something really “outrageous.” (At times being at a crossroads is considered being in a “midlife crisis” – this I will leave for another discussion, another article.)

Actually being at a crossroads in life, is YOUR time to return to you or Breakthrough to you, break through all those layers and all those roles that you have taken on and figure out what serves YOU best.  Of course, that is a tricky question in today’s world.  Many of us, especially women, have been trained to nurture others and not ourselves. 

Thus, with time, all of that “holding back” is accumulating. I see that almost like a volcano.  Things are sizzling underneath and at some point a volcano explodes, however long it takes.  In that sense walking up to or being at a crossroads or crisis can occur at any point in life, whenever things have bubbled up too much.

This type of explosion can seem “outrageous” or “radical” to others as it seems unexpected and uncommon, probably even feels uncomfortable to others. (Hence the stereotype “midife crisis”).

That said, a crossroads doesn’t have to be that explosive AND it can be (Note: I don’t like using “but”)   
It seems usually more explosive for those of us watching others at a crossroads and taking actions at that time.  Why then do I see beauty in the path to and the arrival at the crossroads?
Because in many ways we are most guided towards that STOP at the crossroads to reconnect with ourselves, as I mentioned above.  The path to and towards that crossroads is lined with signs, indications, reminders and if we don’t listen or abide by them then there’ll be a more of an explosion.  This releases the pressure we’ve been under and then we can make a decision.

Most of the time when we release all pressure, don’t ask those that know as from before for advice, and go deep within ourselves, we are making very valuable decisions.  It is then that we realize we have learned a lesson and we can move forward with calm and confidence; that internal knowledge that we are in charge of the next chapter, the path we are on and it is right for us – no apologies.

That’s why getting to and arriving at the crossroads, to me, is a great place to be; it all leads us back to us if we allow us to love and trust ourselves. That means, a change of perspective might be in order – the crossroads is an opportunity for YOU to return to you or keep living someone else’s life.   Just think about it!

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