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A rare book with Novel Ideas, interview with author Michael S. McGinnis Jr.

You wrote the Essential Revolution, which is what I would call a personal development or self improvement book, as a novel. That’s unusual. Any particular reason why you did it that way? That’s how it came to me. The characters’ dialogs, both external and internal, gave me the best way to share the wisdom. Having relatable characters and using them in a multiple narration format makes it far easier for the reader to learn from as compared to the typical nonfiction book.

Your book could be considered very controversial and triggering to some people. How do you feel about that, and is that by design? Universal truths are going to trigger people who abide in non-acceptance. Being triggered is the telltale sign, and there’s something to look at within, oddly enough making said trigger a gift in disguise. I never wrote anything to be hurtful as words cannot hurt anyone unless the reader allows it. I have nothing but love for people. The most loving thing I can do for them is to help them identify their limiting beliefs to change their natural state. Limiting beliefs bring about their feelings of victimhood which is the only thing holding them back from living a life of contentment and joy.

What would a leader learn from your book? Whether it is entitlement issues, a victim story, resistance to what it is, all of us, at some point, have carried or are carrying some baggage. This book helps leaders recognize those issues within themselves first, thus allowing them to clean up their own house. From this clarity, they can then identify the problems as they appear in the people they lead. Having experiential wisdom around these topics is a game-changer in today’s business and political climate.

Who is the main character that struggles the most that a significant number of people might like? Marcus is the one who takes the weight of the world dealing with the most common everyday issues; the issues we all deal with that hit home for pretty much everyone and maybe a little too close to home for some. Seeing the world through his eyes and being a part of his conversations with the other characters could be painful for some, but that tension illuminates and empowers those willing to dive deep into their shadows.

  1. Who might dislike or even hate your book the most? Anyone and everyone who is choosing to remain in their own victim story, or even worse, holding others in theirs. There is a universal law that states that we are 100% responsible for how we perceive our experience here on planet Earth. We may not be liable for all that has happened, but we are responsible for what we tell ourselves about it. The most content characters in the book are the ones that entirely accept this truth, live it and ultimately teach it as any true leader would do for those he or she holds stewardship over. This kind of breakthrough is rewarding on so many levels, both personal, professional, and relational.

I heard that at least one publisher said they couldn’t publish your book because of the content. What was the objection? Some of my main characters or narrators are of different ethnicities and sexes, which I’m told is offensive to some people. I invite people to read it and decide for themselves.

Political leadership has been a real issue more all the time. How would you explain our elected officials’ most significant problem and how they are part of the problem or a part of the solution? We live in a “me” world right now, and if we want to see something shift, we must move into a “we” scenario. How can we expect anything more from those in office when we the collective abide in a program simulation of scarcity and lack? We are where we are right now because we have given too much power to the political leaders, the corporations, big tech, and mainstream media.

There are some spiritual and religious things in your book. Would you consider this a religious book? Those words have become pretty loaded, so much so that I’m not particularly eager to use them that often. I would say it is a “human book”, meaning we all came here to have this experience of life on earth, and whether one likes to hear it or not, it is a spiritual one; most just don’t know it yet.

Do you subscribe to some dogma, religion, or creed? No, I’m not a member of any organized religion per se. Many religions have been hijacked to garner control of the masses. If I subscribe to anything it is within their core message of oneness, agency, personal sovereignty and above all our connection to Infinite Light of Divinity which abides in all beings and all things.

Is it realistic to think that the problems the characters in your books face can be solved in mass numbers? I say, if they can be solved individually in the book, they can be solved by many in real life. Of course, the challenges facing our world are not simple ones, but because we created them, we can fix them. Just as I state in the book, we’ve got to get busy, or this little experiment called human life will come to its end.

Do you see yourself as a leader? Yes, but a leader who’s here to create more leaders. My only goal in life is to put myself out of business. To be clear I’m not looking for followers rather I’m looking to ignite self-starters, people who believe in their own personal sovereignty and want to be the leaders of their own lifes rather than the followers of others.

  • It sounds like when you hear about someone’s misfortunes; you essentially tell them there is no excuse for unhappiness. Is that true or hard to do? That’s not what I say at all. In reality, I say the opposite. It absolutely can be an excuse for their unhappiness if that’s what they choose for themselves. My message is that you can shift your perception of what you make your misfortunes mean. Of course, this can only happen once you learn the truth around what really occurred within that misfortune minus the story you created around it. To answer the second part of your question, I would say that after one has had a taste of this truth, they realize they are the creator of their reality, and it is harder to abide in the state of victimhood than outside of it. This is when the unhealthy ego becomes neutralized and peace, harmony and equilibrium begins.

What’s your advice to someone who wants more justice and accountability in the world? Bring in justice and accountability into your own life. Carry fairness and responsibility within your thoughts, speech, and actions. That’s how you change the world, by starting with yourself. No outer shift can happen if it doesn’t happen inside of you first. This I know to be true. As within, so without.

I heard some people say that you are misunderstood, and I see by some of your answers how that might be possible. In what ways do you think you might be misunderstood? I guess I’m pretty direct, and some might call that harsh, but because the house is on fire, it’s time to step up and get real. We don’t have time to dance around these subjects anymore. The world is falling apart and waking up at the same time. My job is to help with the latter. I don’t know any other way to do it.

You say you have never really read any books, never graduated from high school, and that this is the first book you ever wrote. What would you say to the skeptical people of someone in that situation writing anything of any value? I can relate to their skepticism. I didn’t think I could do it in the beginning for the same reasons. But I’d say if you’ve made it this far into this interview and something calls for you to read my book, I invite you to do so. At the same time, I congratulate you for taking this step into your own journey of personal awakening.  Most of all, thank you for being at cause for the global shift in consciousness, the only thing that can save this world.

Michael S. McGinnis, Jr., author of The Essential Revolution series and recipient of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award, has dedicated his life to the awakening of humanity on a global level. Through extensive self-study and first-hand experience, Mike has been gifted to serve as a channel for the words the world needs to hear at the most crucial moment in history. In his early twenties, after his first transformational experience wherein he discovered his pre-conceived limitations were formed through his own words of victimhood, this law-breaking high-school-dropout turned his life around and moved to Central America. He went on to succeed as an entrepreneur, big wave surfer, and champion race car driver while moonlighting as the unofficial sheriff of the small town he helped develop.

Still haunted by an unfulfilled void, Mike fell into a suicidal depression, leading him to his second transformative revelation that there was nothing that could make him happy and the fulfillment he was seeking was within. After two more profound awakenings, he fully surrendered to living in service and helping those who are ready to come to the same self-realization.

Currently, Mike is collaborating on a reforestation-backed crypto coin and the building of a conscious community, while readying himself to transmit book two of the series. He enjoys being in nature and loves animals as well as all life on earth.

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