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Big Indy Inc. makes Silicon Valley’s 1st 100% black-owned social media platform

Big Indy, the multimedia company, most commonly described as a super portal, raises the bar as it appears to have no end to it’s public figure enhancement services, partners, and media tools. Big Indy is making waves by finally presenting real change for both the tech and entertainment industry with a mission to empower independent artists and creators to gain a major public presence while still holding the option to remain independent. While Big Indy is black owned, by a father daughter duo; founder Mbari Smith has stepped down as CEO and handed down the position to his daughter Lady Diviniti, who’s not only a multifaceted artist herself, but also quickly becoming an internet sensation following a funny, yet seductive instagram video racking up nearly a million views in a matter of days. According to the latest issue of Big Indy magazine, Lady Diviniti shares her determination to elevate Big Indy’s members by all means; as the voluptuous bombshell has taken time away from her own creative aspirations to secure her mission as the CEO. While Big Indy possesses multiple layers, the social media network provides a verification process similar to instagram, for its public figures. There’s also video game hosting for video game designers, music streaming for artists, blog features and much more. With Lady D’s extensive background experience in the entertainment field, she’s able to easily connect with her clients needs, as well as develop useful extension services to the company such as Big Indy Presents, Big Indy Awards, and Big Indy Magazine which has featured Drake as ‘Icon of the Decade’ followed with an introduction to the First Annual Big Indy Awards. The upcoming awards show is set to be partially stationed in the Bay Area as of July 2021, which would become the first internationally televised award show based in the Bay Area, broadcasted from Big Indy’s international TV network, Big Indy TV. While Big Indy was designed to elevate independent filmmakers, musicians, artists, and content creators; Big Indy isn’t at all limited to independent talent, as the company can also be used as a means for major media distribution of all kinds, for both contracted and mainstream talent, as well as filmmakers.

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