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Chazn Bradford is an artist and songwriter who loves to make music that blurs the lines between various genres and creative ideas. As a music producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Chazn can be heavily involved in all aspects of the music-making project, meaning that he has more control over the entire creative domain that drives his artistry. Chazn has been a professional in the music industry since the age of 14 and a live performer since the tender age of 2, and it is safe to say that Chazn knows what it takes to excel on stage and in the recording studio. He has even worked with well-respected people in the music business, including producer Bryan Lenox and artists like Nicole C. Mullen, Canon (RMG). Today, he continues to use his God-given talents to spread positivity, love and happiness through his music. Chazn Bradford also belongs to the group “The Anomalies Movement,” along with his brother-in-law and younger sister.

Find out more about Chazn’s musical journey and upcoming projects here: (Pandemic – Official Music Video) (Hate- Official Lyric Video)

(Lost – Official Music Video)

(My Drive – Official Music Video)

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