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Heidi Nicolle of Heidiisms is on a Mission to make LOVE go VIRAL

Heidi Nicolle of Heidiisms is on a mission to make LOVE go VIRAL! An incredibly tall order met by an exceedingly determined soul – Heidi is an artist and online creative based in Los Angeles. She has been building her audience and her brand for the better part of two years.

Heidi is constantly on the mission to inspire more people to love themselves and to spread a little less hate with her message and art. Her development of #isms and make LOVE go VIRAL campaigns have begun to gain traction in the social media world – helping people to look inward and find the spark that resides in everyone that isn’t always illuminated. 

Heidi let us know #isms are our personality traits. For Heidi, her main #ISMS are Bossisms, Artisms, Glamisms and Fitisms. She also live-streams with dedicated streams focused on each of these isms & LOVE every Friday {on IG} and Saturday nights {on Tiktok} at 6PM PST. 

As Heidi says herself, “It’s love that is going to heal this world, and where better to start than with ourselves. So welcome to my #ISMS family! Here we believe in each other and ourselves. We are also on a Mission to make LOVE go VIRAL 💓.” Heidi knows making LOVE go VIRAL is an ambitious goal that may take a week, a month, a year, or even a lifetime but she believes in its potential to heal the world. 

You can join the make LOVE go VIRAL movement by following @Heidiisms on Instagram & Tiktok. Heidi also created a custom LOVE filter for the world to use to inspire kindness & love. Tag Heidi so she can re-share the love from all over the world! Heidi also publishes regularly on Instagram and TikTok with inspiring messages of love.

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