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When The Past Inspired The Future of Art

Immersive exhibition presents virtual reality work about the millennial human migrations and transculturalism.

Picture: Gabriel Mario Velez

A VR artwork is calling the attention of curators and of the audience – The Transeuntis Mundi. Created by a duo of Latin American artists and Scholars, it’s an immersive experience about the migration phenomena that permeates  human’s history.

The Transeuntis Mundi, in Latin,  proposes to capture the sound and visual memory of peoples, cultures and places to generate an archive of human cultural heritage. It is about the story of the millennial passersby that have been crossing the world and it aims to evoke the power of ancestry, identity and legacy.

This project was created in 2018 by the Brazilian artist Cândida Borges and the Colombian artist Gabriel Mario Vélez – two artists and immigrants based in NYC, academic researchers about the field of composition in emerging technologies. They consider their migrational experience and cultural backgrounds as the reference for creating this poetical/technological work.

In this current version, named “Web Derive 01”,  New York, Austin, Rochester and McAllen are some of the cities presented in the work – exactly for its force representing the blend of cultures, genetics, and borders. Other countries are the UK, Brazil and Colombia, completing 4 continents of exploration of this piece.

The work was launched in 2019 and since then over 3000 people have experienced the in-person installations throughout Medellín, New York, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, and Rochester. Online since the beginning of the pandemic, the project has accumulated invitations to perform in international festivals and conferences, while they wait to resume in-person exhibitions.

Radically immersive way to experience art and culture

Virtual reality is the top medium when talking about immersive art nowadays. By virtually migrating inside the VR headset, the visitors are invited to experience the power of traveling through cultures and places. Online and powered by computers and phones, it offers the visitor the chance to experience its landscapes in 360-degree audio and video. Voices and languages, cars, music, trains, bells, wind, claps, phone rings, everything moving and becoming a spatialized experience over the internet, that finally unveil little spontaneous narratives of everyday life events.  

The current exhibition is at the platform Artsy, one of the most prestigious media for Art collectionists. It’s hosted by The Light Gallery and promoted by the great Colombian/British curator Luz Osorio. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy and acquire a piece of the small and very exclusive collection of the Transeuntis Mundi Project. The current series presents the VR work “Derive 01”, a series of 9 photographies and a luxury photography book signed by the artists.

The Transeuntis Mundi will be online touring through many international festivals during this pandemic year. Next exhibitions will be hosted at the Manizales Festival (Colombia),  NIME Festival 2021 from Shanghai (China) and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Check and follow for more information.


Till May 21st – Artsy Exhibition

Junho, 15 a 18th – NIME 2021 – Shanghai, China. Online.

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To know more about the work Transeuntis Mundi: 



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