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What is the correct way to wear a mask?

Face mask is very important now a days, after spreading covid-19 the face mask is the one of the best solution to protect others and yourself from pandemic. The correct use of mask is very important that’s why everybody should know how to wear a face mask.

A crucial step that anyone should take to avoid having and spreading COVID-19 is right and clear mask use. Masks work best when everyone wears N95 mask, but the same security is not given by all masks “Physicians says”. Look at how well it suits, how well it cleans the air, and how many layers it has, when selecting a mask.

How to select a perfect mask?

Make sure that your mask fits against your face snugly. Gaps may cause air to leak in and out around the edges of the mask with respiratory droplets.

To hold the respiratory droplets in and out of others, select a mask with layers. If you are sick, a mask with layers can prevent more respiratory droplets from getting through your mask or escaping from your mask.

Select a Nose Wire Mask

  • A nose wire is a strip of metal around the top of the mask
  • Nose wires keep the top of the mask from leaking out of the air.
  • In order to fit close to your face, bend the nose wire over your nose.

The Right way to wear a mask!

Using a Fitter or Brace Mask

  • To prevent air from escaping around the edges of the mask, use a mask fitter or brace over a disposable mask or a fabric mask.

Make sure it fits snugly over your nose, mouth and chin.

  • By cupping your hands around the outer edges of the mask, search for gaps.
  • Make sure that no air flows from the area close to your eyes or from the mask’s sides.
  • You can feel warm air coming through the front of the mask if the mask has a good fit, and will be able to see the mask material moving in and out with each breath.

Two ways of layering

  • Using a cloth mask that has many fabric layers.
  • Wear a fabric mask with a single disposable mask underneath.
  • The edges of the inner mask should be pressed against your face by the second mask.

The wrong way to wear a mask!

Combine two masks that are reversible

Disposable masks are not intended to fit securely and there would be no change in fit when wearing more than one.

For every other mask, combine a N95 mask.

Using one N95 mask at a time only.

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