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Review of “From Me to You” by Mark Newman, originally by Janis Ian.

“From Me to You” is a song by Folk legend Janis Ian, released on her chart topping album “Between the Lines” from 1975. It is one of the lesser heard songs on that particular record, but is still no doubt a masterpiece.

Mark, who has had the experience of covering Janis’ music before, has done a remarkable job. The song begins with a beautiful introductory riff on acoustic guitar. In comparison to the one on the original song, this one is short and fast, but still pleasant to the ear, and no doubt a great addition. At the end of the third bar in the introduction, a steel guitar is heard, which accompanies the rest of the guitars throughout the song. The slide guitar adds another rich layer amongst the already vibrant acoustic guitars, and is a very nice touch. The guitars play a fingerpicking pattern, excellently reproduced by Mark, who clearly seems to be a master at the instrument. Amongst all the guitars, the bass seems to be buried a bit deep into the mix, and it would have been nicer to bring it out a bit more.

The slide guitar is also used to play the two solos towards the end of the song. Both are excellently written and played, with the last one providing a melancholy feeling in contrast to the warmth of the rest of the track.

Mark is a great singer, and has done very well in terms of his vocal performance. His voice is strong and full, but at the same time it has great stability, which allows him to move through the track effortlessly. He is able to hit the lower notes in the song perfectly each time without fail.

All in all, a great cover and a fantastic tribute by Mark to the iconic Janis Ian. Refreshing to listen to, Mark has done justice to this song, and has brilliantly captured the essence of the song.

  • Beverly Dixon
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