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Intuitive Leadership

By Tarannum Dobriyal

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” By Albert Einstein. Many people in business are moving too fast to access a critical source of information, their own intuition. The little chatterbox we hear from within us is a gift. Listening and following our intuition is the way to work for leaders.

Leaders mostly rely on hard evidence, data, logic and rational analysis to support their bigger and most important decisions. The field of neuroscience has been giving importance and credibility to the role of intuition in leadership, especially with decision making. A lot of leaders feel that intuition has little or no place in business, and that decisions should be based on empirical evidence rather than on trusting your gut feeling. However, ample of evidence supports that intuition is more than merely a feeling. Publications like “Intelligent Memory: Improve the Memory that makes you smarter,’ by neuroscientist Barry Gordon show that decision making and intuition are inextricably linked.

The business world is full of etiquette. When your intuition sends you warning signals, and you listen and take action, you often have a better outcome. Organizations benefit from the holistic approach to solutions.

Leaders mostly rely on their intuitive intelligence in business in situations. During a crisis (if building catches fire) there is no time to scan through rational process of analysis and there is need to take a instant response. In a messy situation when a challenge is poorly constructed, intuitive intelligence is relied on. When the factors to be considered are hard to articulate without sounding contradictory in an ambiguous situation.

Listen to that little voice. Be more mindful and listen for the small voice in you. Trust your hunches more. This is the key to access to intuition.

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