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Mika Morrow Releases Highly Anticipated Hot New Single & Anthem: SURVIVOR!

Exclusive Interview

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Mika Morrow is a Powerhouse Inspirational Singer who is definitely one to watch! 

Our team caught up with the Baltimore native for an exclusive chat.

LA Tribune: Tell our readers about Mika Morrow- who is she?

Mika Morrow:  I am a God-fearing wife, mother, and soulful inspirational artist/songwriter from Baltimore Md. My mother discovered my love for singing at the age of 2 and I have literally been singing ever since!  I studied/majored in voice at the Baltimore School for the Arts and also have had the amazing opportunity to sing background for some of the greatest artists in the gospel industry!  My profound love for God and ministry has motivated me to become an inspiring recording artist. I actually released my first single MOVE in January of 2019. It is my heart’s desire to positively impact others around the world with my ministry.

LA Tribune: Congrats on all your success! Our team heard that you just dropped a new Smoking Hot New Single entitled: Survivor. What inspired you to write this song? Why is this the perfect song for people today?


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Mika Morrow: Thank you so much!  Survivor is very special to me indeed!  It was actually birthed from my own personal trials and tribulations. I’m definitely not a stranger to hardships and trials; God has faithfully delivered me from heart problems to severe anemia which has landed me in the hospital needing blood transfusions countless times in my life. Not only did God heal me from my medical issues but he also saved me from myself!  At one point I was headed down a path of self-destruction and it wasn’t until God literally threw me into the wilderness alone that God began to restore me to a wiser and more spiritual version of my former self!  God gave me these lyrics in 2020 in the height of the pandemic, but little did I know that I would not be able to record it until March of 2021 due to Covid hitting my household hard, which resulted in us going through 3 quarantines. In conjunction to the storms, I had been through and survived, I knew that I had to release SURVIVOR to let others know that you are not alone in your trials, grief, heartaches, and tribulations! If you are reading this then you are still here for a reason. You have survived so much which lets you know that you are so much stronger than you think you are!  It’s time to let the healing process begin. This is the perfect song to remind you of everything you have overcome and to motivate you to exercise the newfound strength that’s instilled within you.

Spotify Listeners can view song here:

LA Tribune: Mika, you are no stranger to the music industry- singing backup for some of the Legendary Greats:  Ricky Dillard, Norman Hutchins, Tremaine Hawkins, Maurette Brown-Clark, Alexis Spight, Pastor Tammy Caesar and you’ve traveled extensively with your spiritual mentor Pastor Shirley Caesar. How did you know the time was now to break out as a solo artist and take the front stage?

Mika Morrow: First off, let me say that I absolutely love singing background with other artists/ creatives!  And through the years I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way to sing with some phenomenal artists. And even though others may feel that your time is now according to them, you have got to listen and be obedient to the will of God! Along with me knowing that I still had so much more to learn spiritually and about the business side of the industry in itself. I knew that God was still working on me and was teaching me patience in the process as well! Once God started not only opening doors but allowing me to create my own doors I knew that the time had come for me to proceed with my career as an inspirational artist.

LA Tribune: Love it! Trusted sources from the industry say that every song on your New EP is FIRE! When can the people expect to get their hands on the full EP?

Mika Morrow: The full EP will most definitely be available to all by 7/01/2021! I’m super excited to share with everyone what God has given me in this season to inspire His people. And you most definitely heard correctly! I can say without a shadow of doubt that there are no skips on this EP!  It’s most definitely gonna be tough for my listeners to pick a favorite song, which is a good problem if you ask me! Lol

LA Tribune: That’s what we love to hear. Mika, you are a Powerhouse Vocalists with an amazing range. Any final advice for those who aspire to pursue a successful music career like you?

Mika Morrow: My advice to other artists would be to first of all study your craft! Become great while you practice patience. Secondly, I would say learn how to stay true to yourself vocally. There are too many other artists in the industry that are perfecting a sound that is not even their own.  

LA Tribune: Perfect. Mika, You’ve been amazing and we thank you for your time, Tell the people how they can reach you for booking, follow you on social media, or support your phenomenal music or MOVE brand?

Mika Morrow: For those wanting to book me please email! I’m Mika Morrow on all of my social platforms including IG and Facebook as well. All of my music is available on all digital outlets! You can also stream my music and purchase MOVE merch form my website at

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