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How to Connect With Your Highest Self: Leah Steele and the Wealth Wisdom Oracle

To find yourself is a universal journey, yet to reach that destination you need to ask yourself the right questions.

Rigid thoughts, malicious conditioning and self-limiting patterns have long held society captive, but Leah Steele, holistic wealth strategist, thought leader, badass intuitive mystic and the founder and CEO of The Leah Steele brand, believes we already have the answers to free ourselves.

“You already hold all the power,” she says. “Through connection to your infinite divine immortal soul, all you need to do is to set your intention and speak it into existence. Follow the guidance you receive from The Universe and cultivate a connection with the highest version of yourself.”

In order to connect with her highest self, escape her own social programming and become a wealth-conscious individual, Steele committed to moving into a higher state of fluidity. This is how she did it.

Unlocking Wealth Consciousness

Steele is known as The Wealth Witch, a nod to the label many emancipated women have faced throughout history, Steele helps women deconstruct their life programming and reclaim financial sovereignty. 

“From the moment we’re born into this world,” she says, “we’re taught to believe that life is a sequential process. We’re taught that society operates in a certain way, and that those who fall out of line deserve to be outcast.

“We’re told to study hard, get good grades and go to university, even if it means taking on a student loan and getting into serious debt. We’re told that this is the way we can go on to get a ‘good job’, one that will ultimately see us working a 40-hour week and will see us go home emotionally drained and physically exhausted. We’re conditioned to be grateful for a 9-5 existence, and to be thankful for the opportunity to trade away our time for money.”

As long as we work hard, support the system, and leverage ourselves to the hilt, we’re considered successful, says Steele. “We go along with this because we feel it’s our only choice,” she says. “We are worthy and deserving of so much more, of having everything that we desire. Nevertheless we are conditioned to be little more than compliant commodities. 

“The lies that we’ve been told serve an elite group of people that control our governments, financial institutions and regulatory agencies. They do not have our best interest at heart.”,” she says. “Never forget you are the most powerful creator in your reality. Trust yourself above all else, and question everything.”

To see the programming and manipulation that plagues society, we must stay in a constant state of curiosity, says Steele. Especially about the things that we’ve always believed to be true. Steele says that this can be some of the hardest work many will ever do. “In each moment, ask yourself whether what you have always believed to be true is actually a lie. Consider who would benefit from telling you that lie, or getting you to believe that lie. Then ask yourself if the lie benefits that other person, institution or organization financially. If it does, it’s time to start changing those beliefs. We have been conditioned and programmed for so many generations that these lies can be passed down from a grandparent, a teacher, or even your own parents. These are often the things we need to question the most: has somebody been telling you a lie for your entire life?”

While we may uncover uncomfortable truths, we must take action not from a place of emotion, but from a place of logic and reasoning, she maintains. “Part of the programming and conditioning is to divide us from each other. That is done by manipulating our emotional states and triggering fear in us to get us to turn us against each other.” As Steele explains: “Always consider whether the other person’s viewpoint is actually causing harm to you in this moment. This is one of the most difficult things to do. You must bring it back to your actual experiences. Are you being harmed by that person’s beliefs? If not, focus on yourself. Stay in integrity. Question why you believe you have to stay divided from parts of the collective. This is the work: deconstructing the programming that has been handed down to you for generations. It takes a lot of discipline to break through it, but now is the time to do it.”

Escaping the insidious wealth unconsciousness collective is not something you need to do alone, says Steele. “We’re more than capable of shifting the baggage and programming out of our lives by ourselves,” she says, “but receiving guidance from a mentor can help you get there faster. Your soul already has all of the answers within, so mentorship does not serve to provide an answer sheet or walkthrough in life. 

“There is no other energy signature that matches your own, and as a result, what you need to activate is your own abundance, which is different for everyone. The purpose of mentorship is to get help in finding these things within yourself. In doing so, this will accelerate the journey towards your destination and identify any blind spots from an entirely new perspective.”

Steele offers guidance and mentorship to her community both through her social media community channels and ‘The Wealth Witch Podcast’, a top wealth and entrepreneur podcast for women. One of the most impactful changes she regularly recommends to her audience is practicing daily wealth consciousness.

The Power of Practicing Daily Wealth Consciousness

“A daily wealth consciousness practice is a moment in which we question our long-held beliefs around wealth, abundance and implicit programming,” says Steele. “After years of conditioning by society to keep you in a regressive mindset of wealth scarcity, it takes work day-by-day to reconfigure one’s mind.” 

Steele speaks of her own wealth consciousness practice. “I listened to things that inspired me on repeat. I read them over and over.” After making consistent affirmations and committing to restructuring her mindset, Steele has been able to undo the damage that much of modern society falls victim to.

Today she shares that practice with the world. Steele uses this simple daily practice to help people rediscover their purpose work and reclaim their financial destinies. 

“I knew that the power of both repetition and accessibility could help others reach states of overflow and call prosperity into their lives. That’s why I provide my community with daily content that keeps them questioning their beliefs and committed to manifesting an abundant, prosperous life,” she explains. This way, her community doesn’t need to search endlessly for the right questions to ask. Steele creates an environment in which it’s easy for her community to reflect introspectively.

One of the prompts that Steele uses is in the power of conviction. “As a sovereign being, it is your responsibility to usher in the change that you desire. But to do so, it all starts by making a decision.”

Steele explains: “I’m always telling people to just decide. Sometimes they come back to me and say, ‘I decided. So why didn’t I manifest the thing I desired?’ My response stays the same: you did not actually decide. You did not fully, energetically accept that no other option was available to you except the result that you wanted. When you fully buy into and realize that you are the most powerful creator in your universe, you will begin to see things radically shift and change.”

Manifesting is all about the quantum field, says Steele. It’s doing less and making more. It’s about not following any rules, because there are no rules in the new timeline. “If anyone tells you that there are rules, run for the hills,” she says. “The foundations of 2019 and 2020 are long gone, and right now, we’re moving into the age of Aquarius. It’s all about worthiness, certainty, and fluidity. Your wealth paradigm shifts because you decide it is going to. Your financial reality drastically and dramatically changes for the better because you decide that it is going to. Achieving alignment is your decision. Decide that no other option is available to you.”

Steele shares these concepts and more in her upcoming book, The Wealth Wisdom Oracle. It’s a 365 page mantra designed not to be read in sequence, but to be opened on a page of your choice each and every day. “You have the answers within, so the page you choose does not matter,” she says. “Trusting yourself and using your intuition to connect with the oracle does. The prophetic guidance you receive is sourced from the universe, and is what you should follow to reach flow states and fluidity.”

Steele adds “By being in the flow, you allow things to be easy. You trust in the universe, follow its guidance, and make a promise to yourself that you’re available to be wildly financially abundant.” These seemingly simple lifestyle changes can change the direction of your entire life, and replace rigid social programming with freedom and liberation. Leah Steele is showing us the way.

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