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Addressing the Silent Killer of Minority Owned Businesses through the Biz Credit Movement

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The Biz Credit Movement has all the support you need

COVID – 19 has taken a toll on the American economy; furthermore, inside that economy are business owners who have taken the greatest hit.  The number of black owned businesses compared to white owned businesses have taken the greatest hit during the pandemic. So great of a hit has been taken that almost half of black owned businesses have had to close their doors.  This is according to a study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Issues prior to the pandemic were lingering in minority owned businesses like poisonous spiders tucked away in dark corners. These issues made them more vulnerable in cases of emergency situations such as the pandemic, and they could not survive the bite.

Moore Financial Services, a Dallas based business consulting firm saw these issues long before the pandemic. Founder, Felicia Jeffries came up with the Biz Credit Movement to address the silent killer of minority owned businesses. That silent killer is threefold and includes the lack of credibility, the lack of business credit, and no stable relationship with a bank that specializes in working with businesses.

Working tirelessly, Felicia developed this movement to spread the news that minority owned businesses have support through this membership-based platform. They no longer have to run a business without the knowledge and business community they need to thrive as entrepreneurs. They no longer are kept in the dark about what it means to have a credible business that has access to capital when the business needs it.

Many minority business owners have sadly never heard of business credit. This is not only true of the black business community but also the Hispanic and Asian business owners as well. “Many of them just were not taught this information,” Felicia says. Business credit is built onto the business. It is separate from the personal credit of the owners. Lenders will pull the business credit reports to analyze the ability of the business to pay its debts on time. 

Moore Financial Services found that if a business has access to consultants that are familiar with business credit they can thrive. Not only that, but the proper consultant must also have the knowledge of how to help that business owner build a credible business. So, the Biz Credit Movement assists business owners with their start-ups.

Not only is the Biz Credit Movement assisting start-ups, but it also works with established businesses. “Many business owners who have established businesses have credibility issues that get them denied when they seek funding. We give an assessment on the business to find the hidden credibility issues, and then we develop a plan to fix the issues,” Felicia states. Once the credibility aspect is fixed, we then build the credit onto the business and help business owners scale by providing them access to funding. To date, several business owners who are part of the Biz Credit Movement have reach well over six and seven figures in business.

The Biz Credit Movement membership is available to anyone who wants to receive support through professional business coaches on a bi-weekly basis. It also affords business owners the opportunity to get many services that a business must have in order to thrive at a discounted rate. These services include business plans, profit and loss statements, on Demand CEO’s for hire, web site development, complimentary logo design, trademark assistance and even discounts off of professionals’ fees such as attorneys, accountants, book-keepers and more. 

It’s a one-of-a-kind membership designed for those businesses who want the staying power. Minority owned businesses have the support. No longer do silent killers of a business have to linger without the business owners’ knowledge. We’re exposing them all and building successful thriving businesses. 

Also, an eBook is available to the readers of this article. This eBook talks about business credit and exposes many of the hidden business killers.

 Contact Moore Financial Services to find out more about the Biz Credit Movement at or sign up to become a member at .

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