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The Art of Thinking Beyond Oneself

If looked around, one will find a vast difference between the mentality of the people today and the people before. With the evolution of time and advancements in life, people have become self-centred and practical. They try to find logic and benefit in every situation they encounter. It can be said that the feelings of empathy and compassion are slowly vanishing from society. Humans are turning into cold-blooded creatures who do not think about the well-being of others and function to solely provide for themselves or their loved ones. The world will turn into an emotionless and soulless piece of land if people do not evaluate their behavior now. 

Every story has a cloud with a silver lining, and so does this world. The people with noble professions such as doctors, firefighters, teachers, police and many more public servicing jobs are the clouds with a silver lining for the world. Among these people is Brent Clayton, an Australian professional firefighter and recruitment expert. He is one of the many firefighters who put their lives on the line while serving a higher purpose of saving people’s lives. Brent is driven by the spirit of giving back to the world and takes his profession very seriously.

Preparing People for Tomorrow

It is strange how people are turning a deaf ear towards the ones in trouble. All people care about today is increasing their bank balance and securing themselves. Although this is a need of life and should be a priority, one should also realize their responsibilities towards society. Humans are sent into this world with a higher purpose. Supporting each other in testing times, being there for them are some of the basic responsibilities of a person. 

Brent Clayton preaches humanity through his profession. With 12 years of hands-on experience, he has now started teaching people the skills required to be selected as a firefighter and has become a recruitment expert. He obtained his Diploma in Public Safety in 2020. He then went to The University of Melbourne and Federation University. After receiving adequate education that would qualify him as a professional firefighter, he worked in the military for a few years and then switched to being a Prison Guard. He then pursued firefighting professionally and earned tons of experience in this field. Brent also assisted the Fire Brigades in Australia and Emergency Management Victoria with his services. 

During this process, Brent realized that there were very less recruitment training programs. Many people would be demotivated if rejected once, which leads to lower morale and the loss of a potential candidate. To reduce the pressure and make the candidate more confident of appearing for the interview test, Brent Clayton established Fire Recruitment Australia in 2009. His vision to help the people and give back to the world was finally taking shape. He wanted every youngster to think about the betterment of the world and participate in easing people’s life ad, helping them during troublesome times. He began with selling a guide that trained people for the selection process, Firefighter Recruitment Bundle. As he was becoming more and more confident in his craft, he began training individuals one-on-one. He could see the results of training these aspirants as most of his students were selected. Keeping the increasing interest and demand in mind, Brent Clayton launched his official website to reach a wider audience.

Helping People. Changing Lives.

Brent’s noble cause was in-demand by a ton of firefighting candidates after the Australian mega-fire incident in 2020. Being an active firefighter, he is always aware of all the news related to fire and the numbers of firefighters. According to statistics and figures, Australia has just under 200,000 volunteer firefighters across the nation, which, according to Brent, is quite low. In a nation with a population of more than 25 million, the number of people volunteering and working professionally as a firefighter was extremely low. Brent’s training academy aimed to train and encourage as many youngsters to deviate their attention to this cause as possible. He has also written a book that a proper guide to get through the series of tests required to be a firefighter. From how to make the first right impression, passing the Aptitude test, Beep Test Tips to how to get through the interview, the book Fire Services Recruitment: The Process to Success is a must-have. 

Clayton’s life-long dream of helping people in a unique way that helped the society at large too had finally come true. His dedication towards the cause and generous attitude towards the people will soon make him reach new heights of success!

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