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Noe Lo and the Expansion of Lorens Digital Media.

Los Angeles is home to Noe Lo, a 19-year-old Entrepreneur and one of the founders of Lorens Digital Media. Noe Lo has been involved in the E-commerce field since 2016 and saw her business rapidly scale in 2019 and 2020. As the online market continues to grow, businesses like Noe’s are linked to unmatched potential. Lorens Digital Media is the product of the rebranding of Ecomm Money, Noe’s original brand agency. The rebranding moves them from only representing online sellers to being able to represent influencers, businesses, fitness coaches, models, artists, and more.

Noe and her team help people take their social media to new levels of exposure and growth by providing meme page campaigns, celebrity follower endorsements, video ads, logos, album art, website creation, targeted page traffic, merch stores, and apps. In an interview, she stated, “we offer everything brand needs to be successful online,” and they have backed this statement up with results. During the recent pandemic, Noe was able to help over 1,700 clients build online stores to profitable.

In a personal interview, Noe Lo talked about some key lessons she has learned during her career. Speaking to a young entrepreneur, she advised, “follow your instincts and do not let anyone that works a normal job tell you your idea is dumb or not valuable. If it makes sense in your head, take action. Just start selling something, and you will figure out everything as you go. Do not overthink, take action!”

Noe Lo sees a bright future for Lorens Digital Media. She related that her vision for the next five years includes “helping 100,000+ people build their brands and make five to seven figures each.” Today’s market provides the opportunity, so it is up to individuals to take action. Noe is doing just that and spreading her knowledge at the same time.

Social Media Links:

Company Instagram: @lorensdigitalmedia

Personal Instagram: @ecom.noe

Backup Instagram: @ecomm.noe

Tik Tok: @ecom.noe

Snapchat: @noe.207

Twitter: @ecom.noe

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