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A Trilogy Unravelling the Secrets of the American Economy, Optimizing America

Speaking on controversial topics such as politics, corruption, and the economy always puts the speaker into quicksand. When talking among friends or a group of colleagues or people at the bar, conflict in opinion on these topics make conversations heated. Any person would think twice before voicing their opinions on these overly sensitive topics. But there are a few brave souls who have fearlessly shared their perspective and views on these provocative topics, and one of these individuals is Jarl Jensen. He has presented his views on the declining economy of America and has unraveled many secrets unknown to the world through his book series ‘The Wolfe Trilogy’.

Presenting views in an elaborate trilogy about the failing economy of what was once called the ‘the land of opportunities’ is no joke. But the courageous and bold personality of Jarl Jensen, along with his deep understanding of the economy, motivated him to write a book.

Jensen’s first-hand experience in the field showed him the real and clear image of the economy. Being an engineer has helped him understand the points of leverage of the American economy. After much research and study, Jarl consolidated his understandings into this book series, starting with ‘Optimizing America’. This book is an introduction to his understanding of the American economy and shares his innovative solutions to amend it, but it is the latest book in the series ‘The Big Solution’ is an eye-opener

An Easier Way to Understand the Complex Economy

The study of economics, along with the other financial aspects attached with it, is tough to comprehend by a layman. As much as they would want to know about their nation’s economy, they would not be able to understand much without proper learning of the subject. Fortunately, Americans have this new book series that provides an insight into the economy of America, everything that is wrong with it, and various methods to fix it. It can be read and understood even by a person who has no prior education in economics or finance. 

Coming from a scientific background, Jarl Jensen has portrayed his opinions on America’s sinking economy from an engineer and inventor’s perspective. The purpose of his writings is to enlighten and educate the masses about their country’s current economic situation. Optimizing America is an easy gateway into the financial management system of America. Jarl aims to awaken the slumbering spirits of his fellow citizens to understand the reason for inflation, unemployment, and the hindered growth of America. He wants each and every individual to acknowledge their rights and question the concerned authorities about them. 

Optimizing America is a different approach to understand the details about America’s economy. Jarl has written it in a story format with various characters and interesting plot twists. The story revolves around Justin Wolfe, the central characters of the series. The plot of the story about Justin being on tour, promoting his book ‘The Big Solution,’ which slowly transform into a presidential campaign named ‘Optimizing America.‘ He is completely aware of the dysfunctional system and that there was a huge price for being the opposition to the banking system. The story is utterly captivating and is written smartly, addressing the current scenarios. 

A Vision to Improve the American Economy

Judging by the actions of people today, it can be clearly seen that only a few individuals genuinely care about their nation’s wellbeing. And one of those is this engineering inventor turned author, Jarl Jensen. Being a true patriot, it is painful for Jarl to see his nation’s economy sinking and the people going through its consequences. 

Understanding the economy’s core problems, Jarl decided to release an extended version of Optimizing America, making it a trilogy. He released two books, Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil and The Big Solution. These books continue the story of Justin Wolf and provide a detailed discussion about the economy’s problems and different ways to fix them. The series is the perfect thriller that keeps the reader attached to it until they finish reading the books. 

The art of presenting such a serious, controversial yet informative topic through an interesting and thought-provoking story is truly commendable. The series was released in 2017 has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. Optimizing America has also featured on Forbes Books and has received great reviews from a number of critics. Being inspired by the excellent analytical thinkers and problem solvers Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford, Jarl Jensen has managed to write this page-turning and impressive storyline. 

Jarl Jensen had witnessed the era when America was ‘Great‘, and its status was unquestioned. Seeing the unsustainable nature of the world today has motivated him to provide solutions to improve it. With his unique approach to fixing America’s economy, there is hope that there will soon be an awakening in the mindsets of the people.

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