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Mrs. Olga Rubio, Mom of 3 enters Maxim Cover Girl Competition.

Olga Rubio, Mom of 3, is competing to be the next Maxim Cover Girl.  After much debate, Mrs. Rubio, is determined to not let her internal fears or others’ influence deter her from entering in The Competition. Olga Rubio wants to empower other women and make them see that coming out of their comfort zone is a way to grow as a person and will open other doors to unimaginable places. 

Mrs. Rubio, has stuttered since she was 4, which caused her to hide away and not speak.  “I have been stuttering since the age of 4 my stutter was more emotional when I would feel vulnerable or depressed; Thank GOD I decided to love myself and decided to see myself in a different way. That small or big act helped me win self confidence. If I stutter and people hear me stutter, I no longer stress.”  Olga now has a voice she has mastered and is learning how to exercise speech to empower other women with disabilities to feel empowered and to find their voice.  Mrs. Rubio is a woman who is nurturing and giving, which are qualities that she uses to help empower others in her passion of being a Mindset Coach.  As a Mindset Coach, she helps guide other women out of depression and into a life of meaning and abundance.   

“I want everybody to know that, no matter their background, they should believe and know that their circumstances now do not define what they want to accomplish.  It’s about what’s in their heart and mind that limits your belief in yourself.  I am living proof of this because I took action and I manifested this moment.” 

“Once you have a goal, you need to take action. It starts in your mind, then you start to see the changes you have to make in you to reach your goal.” 

 There are women from all over the country competing for this amazing opportunity.  The winner of the Maxim Cover Girl Competition will win $25,000 and be the next Maxim Cover Girl. The competition starts April 20th, 2021 and runs through June 10th, 2021.  To vote go to  People are encouraged to vote once a day for free in support.  For any additional votes each day the supporter can give $1 per additional vote.  Help Ms. Olga Rubio prove that no matter the age, disability, or challenges any woman can achieve their goals.

“I’ve always said, when I get the money, I will donate to No Kid Hungry. I love that it goes beyond school.  No Kid Hungry also helps the child’s family, so kids can have healthy food at home.  Giving back to others will make a difference in someone’s life; but money can make more dreams come true, big or small.” 

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