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Edona Misiri, women power through fashion patterns.

From Celine illustrations to Ralph&Russo, Valentino and lately Dior, Edona Misiri is an artist and fashion illustrator based in Milano, who is gaining an international reputation through social media thanks to her incredible artwork in the fashion industry.

Her fashion illustrations not only show the performance or design of clothes, they are also a real art form. Her artist’s touch is evident in fashion illustrations and what sets her apart is her ability to illustrate and capture every single detail of the patterns and models giving them a perfect and real touch. She is influential, talented and the future seems to be bright for this artist who is having collaborations with famous brands and celebrities.

If you ask her who and what inspires her

most, she answers : “Fashion inspiration can be found in anything, even the smallest most ordinary of things. I’m so inspired by women, by brands that showcase the true personality and women power through patterns and I’m not talking just about the external beauty. I’m also heavily inspired by the colors, everything colored gives me the inspiration I need. A creative mind and eye don’t see in mono colours. There’s more to this than meets the eye.” All the women she designed, in fact, have something in common: they are elegant, sensual, almost femme fatale, but above all self-confident and glamorous.

Edona Misiri among her fashion works also boasts a large portfolio of drawings concerning Disney princesses nowadays. In fact, this artist is able to create models in which Disney princesses are represented while wearing fashionable clothes, without losing their original style. This helps to

understand how fantasy is fundamental in this kind of work. Her designs are truly stunning, flawlessly crafted and with meticulous attention to detail.

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