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Nicholas Flathau and Flawless Diamonds Co.: Changing the Game, One Diamond at a Time

Nicholas Flathau has stayed hungry and dedicated to his work since the beginning. Whatever craft he aims to perfect, you can expect that it will be given his full attention. “To be successful, you must have the drive and your why to wake to wake up every day,” Flathau shares. “Make something out of nothing. That’s having ambition.”

After successfully operating both an AT&T franchise and real estate firm based out of Chicago. Flathau’s most recent business endeavor has been the founding of Flawless Diamonds Co. This custom jewelry outfit has allowed him to truly embrace his entrepreneurial spirit.

A decade ago, when Flathau was only 17 years of age, he left his home of Chicago to live on his own. In search of a path to take his life down, he moved from city to city, working whatever job would allow him to pay his rent. He didn’t know it at the time, but this would be where Nicholas Flathau flourished as a businessman.

Initially setting his sights on a nursing degree and a career in anesthesiology, Flathau attended college for two years before dropping out. That was when, in 2016, he decided to become an AT&T franchisee. “Before the jewelry business, I had the largest AT&T dealership in the country,” Flathau states. “I went from making $3,000 a year with AT&T to making $3,000,000 a year.” However, even with all the success, Flathau wasn’t feeling dedicated to or satisfied with his career path. “That’s when I realized that AT&T wasn’t my passion.”

Having discovered a recent fascination with jewelry and craftsmanship, Flathau asked a local dealer whom he had befriended to mentor him in jewelry design. From that point forward, Flathau knew he had found his passion project. Flawless Diamonds Co. was born soon after.

Perfecting his craft, Flathau combined his passion for jewelry with the business skills he had learned via AT&T to create a successful work environment and business model for Flawless Diamonds Co. Being able to provide quality jewelry and one-of-a-kind customer service experiences for each of his clients led to massive success for Flathau and the Flawless Family.

“The most rewarding part is educating the clients on what they are getting within their piece, building those relationships for long-term business, and also, bringing their imagination to life,” Flathau shares. The pieces Flathau and his team design speak for themselves. Unique and expertly crafted, the pieces have attracted high-profile clients like rappers Lil Zay Osama, Lil Reese, and NLE Choppa.

The business model Flathau prides himself on also includes his desire to give back to the communities that helped build him. With facilities in both Dallas and Chicago, Flathau has made his philanthropy a priority as he searches out families who struggle to find their next meal or pay their rent. Growing up below the poverty line himself, Flathau knows what it’s like for many families in America. “I want to make sure that the children I help are never hungry and have clothes on their backs.”

All of Flathau’s success has opened up his eyes to new possibilities. Working on expanding the Flawless Diamonds Co. to major cities across America, Flathau’s next step is the release of an apparel line that, he says, has been highly requested by his clients as of late.

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