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In Circle of Lies

How often do we look around us to get a grasp of what is going on outside our circle of interests? Rarely, especially when it comes to other species. And at the same time, we are not aware of how deeply we depend on them. The documentary “River Dogs” tells us an unbelievable story of the human betrayal of the most precious gift he got in his life – the nature. Adorable, funny, and cute creatures called sea lions fall victims to infinite human mistakes and lies.

Director Ksenia Kartopoltseva and producer Gleb Kiselov bring to the audience the cold beauty of both Oregon and Washington states, wisdom, knowledge, and kindness of interesting and intelligent people of the U.S., a charm of California sea lions, and the intrigue of the craziest story you have ever heard.

The film is getting huge interest in the press and social media and is coming to theaters near you and on video on demand at the beginning of next year.

Do not miss the opportunity to change your vision on widely accepted things.

by Peter Genny

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