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Brandon James releases new music video for Drifting

Soul music is always exciting and fun to enjoy because it helps bring in a lot of emotions, unique ideas, while also bringing in a great connection to those things you want to share. Not only is it exciting and rewarding, but it also helps you embrace your emotions and really push things to the next level. That’s exactly what Brandon James manages to do with his new song Drifting. He manages to capture your attention, while also connecting with you at an emotional level.

What we like about Drifting in particular is that this song is very captivating. It’s about love, the challenges that appear, but also the emotions and unique situations that you can face from time to time. You really want to push the boundaries and come up with new ideas, and that’s exactly what you are getting here. Brandon James manages to deliver a captivating song which is passion-filled, not to mention very interesting and exciting to enjoy.

At the same time, the background music is just as interesting and complex. You have that unique, lounge atmosphere combined with vibrant tunes that really connect with you at an emotional level. It really manages to deliver something that’s not only creative, but engaging and exciting at the same time.

Brandon James has a very distinct story. He suffered from depression early during his life, and it’s actually the reason why he got into music in the first place. He always strived to do something better with his life, and he soon realized that music is his gift, and it allows him to achieve great results during his life. It’s definitely not the simplest thing to do, but results can indeed be worth it, if you focus on doing things right. He acquired a degree in music performance and business, and he never stopped learning and trying out new things. That’s what makes him a great professional, because he never gives up and he truly focuses on his craft and knowledge, while also pushing it to the next level.

With Drifting, Brandon James continues the flow of great, amazing and very high quality music. He manages to bring in something exciting and fun, but also very engaging and interesting. That’s why you must try his music, because he manages to make everything feel personal, easy to enjoy, but also immersive and fully creative. You just have to check it out for yourself, and you will soon find his music to be soul-cleansing and just very cleverly written.

Plus, the way Brandon James delivers the song with his angelic voice does make it stand out of the crowd. It really is one of the best songs this year because it’s personal, yet at the same time you get to learn a lot from it. His focus is to inspire people and connect with their hearts. However, he also wants to show people that yes, listening to music can help change your life. Don’t hesitate and listen to Brandon James’s Drifting, it’s a song well worth your time!

Drifting (current music video):
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