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Catching up with Larimelle

Dubai , the capital of the United Arab Emirates has successfully placed itself as hub of luxury shopping in the arena of global commerce. When the whole world was closed due to covid19 , the administration of this Emirate , took upon itself to keep it functional. This not only led in keeping the commercial activities afloat but also showed the world , what an efficient administration can achieve during the pandemic. Sara Rewienska, the founder of just moved from Poland to Dubai. “I have moved here, because I want to create a global luxury brand from Dubai to Los Angeles. With the lockdown in Europe it would have been impossible, production is slow, not on time, everything is closed, people are losing jobs and so many people are going bankrupt, so it doesn’t make sense to start on a new business venture, when you need active and engage customers. In Dubai, on the contrary you can forget about the virus. Everything is open and people still enjoy life. I just received the Pfizer vaccine, as it’s available for all residents in Dubai. In Poland? Young people can forget about being vaccinated any time soon. The availability of resources and the luxury market , also led me into shifting from Poland to Dubai for Larimelle. No other place could define our products at Larimelle better. My brand is inspired by my passion for traveling with style and taste. Nowadays people are stuck at home so I created a silk sleepwear collection, I want make people to feel as though as they are on a luxurious vacation everywhere they go(even at home). I have been traveling to so many beautiful places that’s why my mission is to translate these beautiful experiences into wearable luxuries that people can bring with them to their next destination. My brand was cultivated for those who value femininity, class and elegance. I believed that everyone deserve to feel confident and inspired, despite difficult times nowadays, I want people to keep dreaming big and think about future travels, that’s why the motto of Larimelle is “Wear your travel dreams”, we specialize in luxury swimsuits, sleepwear and resort, everything made in Dubai. Want to know more? Check larimelle.official on Instagram or

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