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John F. Kennedy Honoured With Irish Commemorative 0 Euro Banknote

Commemorative John F. Kennedy 0 Euro banknote

In honour to JFK’s pure Irish heritage, the company Euro Note Souvenir will release an exclusive commemorative note portraying the former President.

HEADFORD, GALWAY, IRELAND, April 21, 2021 – The Galway-based company Euro Note Souvenir will release a strictly limited batch of 10.000 notes portraying the former President John F. Kennedy on 26th April, 2021. The reason behind this special launch is to pay homage and honour to Kennedy’s Irish roots this year, 60 years after his inauguration.

These commemorative 0 Euro banknotes raise the interest of thousands of collectors worldwide, as well as individuals that purchase them as memorabilia or souvenirs for touristic purposes. A souvenir banknote is not what many believe: a low quality, funny printed paper that replaces a present when people travel abroad. They are collector pieces that contain art, history, memory and emotion along with the extremely high quality and durability of real paper money, even including all the security measures and features.

The notes sold by Euro Note Souvenir are printed by Oberthur Fiduciaire in France. They are one of the official printing houses for the European Central Bank (ECB). This means they print the real standard circulating Euro currency. The security features -like the regular banknote- you can find in a ‘ 0 Euro’ note are: micro print, watermark, ultraviolet sensitive invisible ink and hologram amongst many others.

“Many Irish take enormous pride in JFK’s heritage, as he was the first Irish-Catholic President of America”, says Peter Schneider, Managing Director of Euro Note Souvenir Ltd. “Even decades after his passing, there is a profound desire for commemoration”.

The Irish roots date back to the 1840s, when the Fitzgerald’s emigrated to America to survive the catastrophic potato famine. Once settled in the US, as it was very usual for Irishmen to marry other Irish descendants to keep their traditions and homeland reminiscent alive, they gave birth to “Honey Fitz” in Boston. Almost 30 years later and another Irish-only marriage, John “Honey” F. and Mary Josephine Hannon -a Fitzgerald descendant as well- gave birth to Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, JFK’s mother.

As of the Kennedy component, Joseph Patrick Kennedy, JFK’s father, was born in Boston in 1988, also from a 100% Irish lineage. From a political standpoint, public service was as part of his heritage, since his grandfather Honey Fitz served twice as Boston’s Mayor and as a Congress member.

Ireland has been more present in JFK’s heart more than many realize. As well as him in Ireland’s heart. During a four-day visit to his ancestral home back in 1963, he visited the cottage at Dunganstown, near New Ross, County Wexford, where his ancestors had lived before emigrating to America.

Along his stay he was granted by the Chief Herald of Ireland an armorial bearing. He received honorary degrees from the National University of Ireland and Trinity College in Dublin. Also attended a State Dinner where he was conferred with the freedom of the towns and cities of Wexford, Cork, Dublin, Galway, and Limerick. Politically, Kennedy also showed a special connection to Ireland. He was the first foreign leader to address the Houses of the Oireachtas (the Irish parliament). The notes can be pre-ordered on the company’s website.


Many Irish take enormous pride in JFK’s heritage, as he was the first Irish-Catholic President of America. Even decades after his passing, there is still a profound desire for commemoration”

Peter Schneider

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