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Build Customer Journeys that Foster Healthy Gaming Habits

Bangalore India.

Most I-Gaming startups fail because they ignore the need to complete all required checks and balances. The start of a new I-Gaming operator must focus on wowing the crowds. It means that you need to have sufficient cash to create the perfect responsible environment and sustain, says Debashish Bhattacharjee, Co-Founder & CMO @ Pocket52 – On Building India’s Largest Real Money Based Poker & Rummy Platform.

Debashish Bhattacharjee – Founder & CMO

Further, he mentioned the interactions you have with a player have a tremendous influence on acquiring healthy habits or growing problematical behaviors on their part.

Getting the Elephant out of the Room

Debashish left an extraordinarily strong inquest for the readers of this article which goes as… “think of the top 5 things you do to deepen your relationship with your customers.”

For example, one of the most significant interactions an operator will have with a player throughout their lifetime is player onboarding journey, which can greatly influence players’ future behavior. Various I-gaming research suggests that, on average, 75% of players who self-exclude do so within the first month.

Doing over Dreaming What you Get out of the Journey

As socially responsible I-Gaming company Pocket52 pushes for a more socially responsible gaming environment, especially in the era of Big-Marketing, Debashish Bhattacharjee also touched upon a strong perspective on marketing strategies that must shift to accommodate this new focus.

Creating a customer-centric marketing plan can drive players to embrace profitable playing behaviors and boost player retention and engagement. To endure competing and acquiescent, Pocket52 stays proactive in its approach towards socially responsible gaming.

The secret is to create customized and accountable marketing approaches that distinguish between gamers and segments them into various classes according to their playing level.

By dividing players to distinct risk-based sections, Pocket52 utilizes marketing strategies to encourage healthy gaming behaviors and decrease gamers that become endanger while raising engagement & retention.

Why the Journey Matters More Than Your Goal

When it comes to communicating with their players responsibly, the many shared similarities VIP and endanger players demonstrate are observed in the I-Gaming industry for decades. In unison, both VIP and endanger players are likely to have large deposits and frequent wagering activities.

To differentiate between VIP and endanger players, Pocket52 created a unique scoring system for players of various levels. The scoring system consists of player characteristics, properties & attributes that could indicate if a player is developing endanger behavior.

From a Year to a Day: Do Not Delay

Debashish & the marketing team at Pocket52 responds to real-time situations, which could symbolize questionable behavior or performance. Some actions found in real-time can easily be prevented, whereas, if left unattended, it can elevate the participant’s danger level.

Furthermore, it is certainly possible to readily identify players who display the first signs of injurious behavior and encourage them to have a timeout and refrain from performing an extra deposit.

Celebrate the Progress & Enjoy the Journey

Your decision is casting a vote for the type of brand you wish to become. No single customer transaction will transform your brand, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your brand identity. So, remember magic happens when you Build Customer Journeys that Foster Healthy Gaming Habits

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