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ET-E008 Battery Replaceable Alarming Tag

If you have been using any alarming tags, you may find it unsatisfactory to your usage. First of all, main problem of alarming tags in the market currently is that the battery dies quickly and you will have to abandon them afterwards as you can’t replace the battery.

The other problem that alarming tag users complain a lot is that the lanyards are not secured enough for high end products, not to mention about deterring shoplifters.

To solve these problems, we have done a lot of research and developed a new alarming tag to meet customers’ need. So here comes TrustTag’s ET-E008 Battery Replaceable Alarming Cable Lock, which is also more secured and deterrent with heavy duty coated steel lanyard.

This is a great improvement on the series of Alarming Tags , which always come with battery that doesn’t last long enough. Even most manufacturers claim that the battery life can last for 3 years, but wait until the end user are using it, the battery life would run out much quicker than they expected.

Moreover, TrustTag’s new alarming tag is more environment-friendly as they are battery replaceable and reusable with strong housing.

So how to replace the battery of TrustTag’s ET-E008 alarming cable tag? It is simple and convenient just using a small stick like screw driver. You can replace the battery in only 15 seconds! Check out the 15 seconds video on Youtube . You may think the thieves can then take out the battery and disalarm the alarming tag. The truth is, you can’t reach out to the battery unless the tag is detached! This is another advantage of our alarming tag that we have taken into account during designing.

If you are interested in learning more of our ET-E008 Alarming tag, or more new designs from TrustTag, please contact us.

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