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Catching up with Giulia Ragazzini

Giulia Ragazzini is an italian top model and influencer who first became a household name is Italy gaining the title of Miss Europe in WNTM beauty peagent.
Giulia has refused to accept the generic concept of a model and she growed her online presence on social media with 500k followers on Instagram and her web magazine witch reaches millions fans.
Her online success has allowed her to work with the most important brands
As an influencer, you have worked with an impressive line-up of brands in the past but what do you think the future of influencer marketing looks like?
It’s an ever-evolving area. Brands are becoming increasingly savvy on how to work with digital marketing and therefore it’s never static. The algorithms on the social networks change every few months, so therefore so does the methods brands use to reach people. Maybe one day we will all immerse ourselves into a virtual reality world where influencers have holograms or avatars of themselves. I think the distance from influencer to follower is going to continue getting closer and people will get increasingly more connected to their idols.
How much responsibility do you think influencers have to ensure they are being honest and transparent with their audiences? Should they be responsible for the effects their social feeds have on their audiences?
As the market solidifies, the regulators are starting to get a @ on how to enforce disclosure rules on advertising. You will notice the so-called ‘#ad’ or ‘sponsored posts’ are becoming obligatory in several countries. Most influencers are doing it spontaneously as a moral duty to their audiences, to disclosed paid partnerships. It’s not a problem in terms of engagement, you can be paid to use a product and fully stand behind it. For example, most of the items I promote are items I would personally wear and buy if I wasn’t involved in this type of business. It’s important that influencers understand that credibility is built on trust and honesty with your audience.

Many people know you as a model and digital fashion influencer who works with top fashion brands, but you also have a degree in law and speak 5 languages. Do you find that men are intimidated by you?

I love what I do and I’m a workaholic, so for sure men who don’t like alpha women will not be very attracted to this side of my personality.I don’t think I will ever be a housewife type of girl, I feel that I will want to work, achieve and create value for others even when I’m 80 years old. Not everyone likes that, and it’s totally fine with me.
What is your motto for life?
Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

How do you like to relax? Fashion blogging and brand collaborations means you’re often travelling across the world, which must be very time consuming. Is it hard to find the time to unwind?

As most of my work is related to online publications, the best way to relax is to stay home (or in one place for longer than a few days) and see my friends. No make up, no heels, and possibly offline. Although I admit I get nervous when I can’t access the internet, my emails, social media and blog.

So how have you been prepared yourself for the Miss Earth 2020 ?

Honestly, as i said i was ready with myself .
I didn’t realize how much this beauty peagent was important.. all the others models they were so excited but me i was too focus on my other project that I didn’t realize.. but now I understand how much Miss Earth is prestigious.
For me a beauty peagent is wasnt something new.. when i won Miss Europe i was more then excited .. and it changed my life ! In my mind i ll be miss Europe forever . Lol

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