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Catching up With Ednna Freeman

Brazilian lifestyle model Edna Freeman has been mending advertising jobs on her Instagram @ednacfreeman since she was discovered and selected for a lead role in a campaign for a San Francisco hospital chain in northern California. Since then, her popularity has continued to grow.

But, well before that, Edna intended to do something that could help in the prevention of violence and sexual abuse for having lived this traumatic experience. When she worked in volunteer work she realized an unsettling desire to do something more and to develop projects to help all those in need.

Although the proposal to offer something new seems a challenge, Edna, who is studying Psychology, promised to overcome herself when this dream of hers comes true. “I always knew that my life goal was to be a spokesperson for those who suffer or have suffered mental and emotional traumas,” she said, recalling that her report is a way of alerting to the risks of disinformation.

Finally, she insisted on highlighting: “Love strengthens, and sooner intervention will allow people who have gone through trauma—as I have been through—to be able to deal with it better in the future. My intention is to make the world better place. This is definitely a big responsibility, but my courage and determination greater”.

(Source–edna-freeman-relata-abuso-na-infancia.html Por iG Gente | , por Pedro Garcia | 24/03/2021 14:56)

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