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Atlanta Book Hitmaker Launches Exclusive

Top 31 Fierce & Fabulous Women in Business


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Affectionately known as the Atlanta Book Hitmaker in the media, the Publisher of Purpose and Billboard/PR Queen by her clients, Davis launches her Fierce and Fabulous campaign seeking 31 Top Women in Business this Spring.  

Our team caught up with the Faith filled Media Maven and 6Figure Girl boss for a brief interview.

Los Angeles Tribune

Thank you for meeting with us today. Tell our audience a little bit about you.

Min. Nakita Davis

Yes, thank you for connecting with me. 

I am the proud CEO & Founder of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. The #1 Christian Publishing House in the land. My team is all about magnifying God, helping Women of Faith to Live out their God-Sized Dreams, and build a legacy for their kids, kids, kids.  Specifically, we help women to market, launch, and publish their Best-Selling/International Best-Selling books in 90days or less.

In addition, I host a variety of global virtual events, positioning Women to expand their book, brand, and business on our platform.  Needless to say, we stay booked, busy, and super blessed.

Los Angeles Tribune

Fantastic, you are definitely an inspiration to Women worldwide. Tell us more about your newly launched Top 31 Fierce & Fabulous Women in Business initiative?

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Min. Nakita Davis

Yesss, I am excited to announce this new prestigious recognition platform. This is All about celebrating Women who have overcome the storms of life to produce a thriving speaker, author, girl boss business. Now more than ever, I believe, Women have a voice and platform to Inspire, Encourage, and Uplift other Global leaders around the world. I consider it a privilege to Honor Glow-Getters who are Bossing up in Business and in their Faith too.  When we shine bright, we give other Women an opportunity to Shine even brighter. 

So YES! My team is looking for the Best of the Best, the Brightest Stars, Powerhouse Girl bosses who are at the Top of their Game.  We are looking for Women who are Unapologetically Fierce, Fabulous, Faith filled, CRUSHING their goals, and Pushing other Women to achieve GREATNESS!

No doubt about it, this is more than just another honorary mention. This is a High Visibility opportunity for the Right Queens who are vetted and selected! ~ Honoree perks may include: Television cameo appearances, Billboards, Nationally Syndicated features on NBC, CBS, and FOX- just to name a few. We are going BIG this Spring! To God be the Glory!

Los Angeles Tribune

Love it~ you’ll have to bring your honorees back here for a follow up feature!

Min. Nakita Davis

Yass- I would absolutely love that. Let’s make it happen.

Los Angeles Tribune

Min. Nakita, it has been a pleasure to connect with you. 

I value your time and know that your plate is full of exciting projects to enrich the lives of Women globally. In a few words, tell us what is next for you and how our audience can support, follow, and join your movement.

Min. Nakita Davis

The pleasure has been all mine. Honored to be in good connection with such a reputable publication. 

Regarding what’s next for me? Everything! -Insert laugh-

First, my team is super excited to officially go LIVE with our Women Win NETWORK this month. I have some amazing women who will be Executive channel producers/ Tv Show hosts on our exclusive Women television network. This has been a journey in the making; but my team is finally here. 

I am grateful for it all!

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In addition, I am participating in quite a few amazing National level speaker projects. I just finished my speaker recording for the Level-Up Summit hosted by Kearn Cherry and look forward to being a featured speaker for the Leadership Experience Summit in Detroit this summer. I absolutely cannot forget stepping on the stage with my Queen Dr. Cheryl Wood & Les Brown this summer for their ‘You Are Enough’ virtual conference and book launch as a Coauthor. My PR team will be the official billboard/media & more correspondent for “Level-Up Summit” and “You Are Enough,” virtual conference. 

God is good!

Queens who are serious about being recognized for their Awe-Inspiring efforts in business and faith should join us now.  We are looking for the Top 31 Fierce and Fabulous Women in Business. The right Queens understand the value and can apply here: (Choose Fierce & Fabulous)

Speaker, Author, Girl bosses and Women of Faith can follow Min. Nakita Davis:

FB & IG @jesuscoffeeandprayer

Clubhouse: @MinNakitaDavis



Subject Line: I Am Ready to SOAR!

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