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Country Music Invades Los Angeles With Michael Monroe Goodman’s Latest Track!

While the pandemic may have taken away live music for a bit, that hasn’t stopped country star Michael Monroe Goodman from writing and releasing new music. The singer who has headlined performances across the country, and even credits one of his gigs in Los Angeles for where he met his now-wife, has been getting us all through these times with his latest single “Only If It’s With You”.

1. What does it mean to be a musician during these pandemic times?

Well it’s been very difficult. I have found that us musicians have had to get on the road to places where you can play or be more productive with doing studio work. For the last few months all the musicians I know have had to drive near and far to counties and towns where venues are open. Some artists have turned more toward live streaming and social media and that has worked for them. I did that for a spell but had to get out on the road to feel more connected to fans.

2. What first drew you into the country music genre?

My dad played banjo in bluegrass bands and my grandpa played Gene Autry songs for me and my cousins. I also grew up backstage at the Grand Ole Opry as a kid with family friend Bill Monroe. With that background I say I was cursed to be a singer of sad songs. However as most kids I rebelled against my roots till I was sixteen or so then the country bug got me and I’ve been in love with country music ever since.

3. Where have been some of your favorite places to perform here in Los Angeles or in California in general?

Before the lockdown I played the Cowboy Palace Saloon a couple times a month and it’s where I met my wife so I have a soft spot for it for sure. I also regularly played Cowboy Country in Long Beach and that was a fun gig. Slightly outside of LA I love playing Swallows Inn in San Juan Capistrano, Mother Tavern in Huntington Beach, and Waterwheel Saloon in Norco.

4. With your new single, what do you hope fans walk away feeling after listening to it?

Well I hope they laugh at the lyrics a little and I hope it makes them feel like tying one on later that night. 

5. Even though you grew up around Nashville, has Los Angeles ever inspired any of your music? 

Oh definitely, playing the clubs here has shown me a new audience and the stuff they like to dance to so I have written some songs specifically to garner that reaction. You always love it when everyone wants to dance to one of your songs. 

6. When stuff isn’t locked down, where are some of your favorite spots to hangout?

You would regularly find me at the New Beverly Cinema. I love movies and Quentin Tarantino so that place was such a haven for me. I used to go to Universal Studios a couple times a month and would do a Studio tour of Warner Brothers several times a year. I love the movie industry and hope to one day be a part of it. You’d also catch me riding roller coasters at Knotts, or Magic Mountain.

7. What would your advice be to those wanting to pursue a career in music like yourself?

With the technology we have now with social media and such I’d say do two things. Study and practice to be the best you can be at your instrument and then also just get it out there. Be yourself and put that out into the world and try to find your audience. Don’t try to be some passing fab, be who you are and trust me there is an audience for whatever you do. Don’t sell out for the promise of greener pastures, stay true to your voice and that will keep you going in the right direction. 

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