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Gamer Mohd Salem takes YouTube by Storm

Live gaming on YouTube has become the most biggest content trend over the past few years. Several gamers are now making a living out of it. People love to watch these gamers play interactive games in the most aggressive and strategic ways. The content is enticing more and more people to watch such videos and the gamers are grabbing the limelight almost overnight. One such popular gamer on the YouTube platform is Mohd Salem.

Salem is a bright young man born and brought up in Qatar. He was interested in gaming from a very young age. He used to look for the most recently launched game and would not breathe until he aced it. As he grew up he took his passion seriously and wanted to do something to convert it into his profession. With the evolving digital age, several social media platforms have now become prospective ways of revenue generation for many. Salem discovered YouTube as the ideal digital platform to convert his passion into a profession.

Salem did a lot of research on other gamers and what kind of gaming content is most popular with that audience. He brainstormed ideas as to what he could create to stand out from the crowd. After much hard work, he discovered his forte.

Salem was into gaming from a young age, so he was already a part of a huge gaming circle and knew many gamers. He wanted his gaming session to be more interactive and spontaneous than others. Salem soon launched his channel by the name ofASMR eSports.

ASMR eSports managed to gain thousands of followers within a short time. Salem presents each gaming session as a championship between him and a fellow gamer. Sometimes he conducts championships between more than two gamers. This way he was able to grab the attention of his audience as well as expand the subscriber base of his channel. As he conducted the gaming sessions with other YouTube gamers, he inevitably got featured in the same video in their YouTube channels as well. This gave ASMR eSports a way to climb the ladder faster.

To engage a larger audience, Salem started introducing prize money in his gaming championships on ASMR eSports. This remarkably increased the suspense level of each of his gaming videos. To encourage more audience involvement, Salem always focuses on interactive and recently launched games. This way he escalates audience engagement in all of his videos.

Salem has been successful in grabbing millions of eyeballs to turn his passion into his profession. He is now generating handsome revenue from his gaming channel, ASMR eSports. Going forward, he wants to involve more and more gamers in his gaming sessions to increase audience interaction and involvement.

He uses some brilliant strategies to widen the reach of his videos. Whether it’s through championships with prize money, exposure on different social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, or changing the subject of his gaming session to a popular topic, Salem never fails to come up with an innovative idea as a gamer.

Salem stands out as an example for those who want to pursue their passion as their career. His efforts on YouTube can inspire many to work harder to inch closer towards their goal.

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