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Tapestry Girls Neon Signs Are The New Lit Trend Among VSCO Teens

Since the first initial neon sign boom between the 1920s and 1950s in the United States, these symbolic enigmas have certainly made a name for themselves within popular culture and subculture. From being utilized to boost attraction to landmarks to adding a “magical” glow to enhance business appeal, the golden age of neon signage spread like wildfire and became the cornerstone for outdoor advertising. 

Fast forward to today, neon signs in cities and towns are still highly prevalent today for their practical use and instilled charm, but with more safety, health, and environmental precautions in place of course. But what is even more interesting how a new demand wave has been forming in recent years – not amongst city personnel, business owners, or property management, but by college girls and VSCO teens. That’s right; neon signage has notably become one of the hottest new trends amongst college girls and VSCO teens in the modern age, which is a lit movement that Tapestry Girls helped pioneer. 

The New Age of Décor

In a world where self-expression is more acceptable than ever before, college girls and VSCO teens are taking the world by storm and adding extra flair to their living spaces than settling for a cell-block dorm vibe. Overall, there has been a spike in the strive to decorate past just wall stickers, photo frames, and colorful rugs for quite some time now, and serial entrepreneur and investor Kyle Leighton discovered this early on. This, along with his passion for art, inspired Kyle to launch Tapestry Girls, a now leading resource for teens and college students looking for stylish tapestry decor and lighting to advance living spaces and life quality. 

“Part of the fun and excitement about going to college is being able to decorate your dorm room and express yourself however you want. This very reason is why we have a vast range of eco-friendly neon signs and other décor products, to provide teens and young adults an outlet to reflect who they are and feel more at home” – Kyle Leighton, CEO.  

What’s Hot? 

As admirable as the neon sign trend is right now amongst college girls and VSCO teens, the next question is, what are the big hitters that these groups are targeting? After extensive research and speaking with Kyle on the Tapestry Girls purchase analysis, below are some of the more dominant ones that are likely not going to fizzle out anytime soon. 

  • Symbolic Weather Neon Signs – Weather-oriented neon signs are one of the hot trending subcategories on the market. For example, the Tapestry Girls collection of neon lightning bolts, clouds, and rainbows have been rising top sellers since the demand surge amongst college girls and VSCO teens. I get it, too; the presence of weather symbolism brings a sense of nature inside and adds a powerful aesthetic that is almost mystical. 
  • Neon Phrases/Words – This one may sound more classic, but it is one that is heavily admired in teens and young adults when it comes to adding fun and spice to a space. Ranging from provocative to simplistic tones on the Tapestry Girl site, college girls and VSCO teens are loving the ability to have a phrase or word that resonates with them to add playfulness and statement-making appeal. 
  • Vintage Symbols – Vintage has always been something that has been seen as “in,” regardless if it is fashion, eyewear, items, or neon signage. The younger generations have gained a heightened interest in bringing back traditionally styled symbols into their modernized living spaces, effectively intertwining the past with the present. To fulfill that, Tapestry Girls has a strong selection of classic styles, such as the cactus plant and the neon banana, but with an eco-friendly twist to ensure maximum safety, health, and wellbeing. 
  • Mythological Inspired – Lastly, college girls and VSCO teens are loving the concept of integrating graceful mythological neon signs into their spaces. For instance, there is something about adding an elegant unicorn silhouette that adds a new layer of mystification. From being hanged on the wall to resting on a nightstand, having a mythological creature that resembles uniqueness and feminism is a sub-trend that Tapestry Girls is proactively supporting with their diverse unicorn selection. 

Conclusion – A Trend Here to Stay?  

Neon signs have come a long way since their first golden age to now being one of the trending décor items for college girls and VSCO teens. It has shifted from strictly business-related to now being exponentially decorative lights that deliver a mixture of futuristic and nostalgic vibes. Between the shine, personality, and vibrancy, it allows people to emotionally feel the presence of art in their spaces regardless if the lights are on or off. Because of that, it stands to reason why so many college students and VSCO teens are opting for their own signage as we speak. 

But is the trend here to stay? Based on what we know now and how Tapestry Girls has helped spearhead the trend itself, neon signs have proven to be timeless pieces that have molded and manifested as generations passed. With that being said, there will inevitably be innovations and new trends forming revolving around this new styling wave. But the concept of using neon signs in dorm rooms and for optimal self-expression, that is something that is likely not going to go away any time soon. 

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