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Fake Marketing Agencies Will Kill

Industry Says Devan Leos

Former Disney Channel actor Devan Leos recently made a statement via Twitter regarding “Fake digital marketing agencies” urging that if allowed to operate, could result in the complete  collapse of the digital marketing industry. 

“If we don’t stand against “PRs” who don’t even know what the AP is, our industry will soon collapse.” 

While many industries suffer from fraudsters and con-men looking to make a quick buck, the digital marketing sector has recently seen an increase in people looking to make quick-buck or take advantage of people who are clueless about industry standard practices. Devan then followed up his first tweet with another alarming insight saying: “The economy could go either way. The last thing we need is to do is inject added risk to an already vulnerable market by allowing fake marketing agencies and hucksters to become the face of digital marketing and PR.” 

Essentially urging that if allowed to operate within the industry, scam artists and hoodwinkers would demolish the reputation of honest hardworking legitimate digital marketers world wide. I

It’s true that any industry can have its fair share of fraudsters, digital industries being relatively new are ‘not bolted down’, the way traditional industries are. While it’s unlikely fraudsters will be allowed to operate in any community for extended periods of time, it is important for professionals in all industries to not tolerate unprofessional behavior; or  to allow their industry’s to become over-saturated with for-profit con men posing as experts when they are no where close to being such.

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