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Devan Leos says rich people who don’t give some of their wealth away to those in need are the true peasants.

Devan Leos tweeted out his strong feelings regarding those who are wealthy yet greedy. Coming from Devan’s verified Twitter account (TheDevanLeos), a controversial yet passionate tweet was uploaded Sunday April 10th. Devan said “If you’re wealthy but don’t give to charity or your community you’re in fact very poor!” Well bravo sir. While what people do with their hard earned money is their own personal business, we can’t help but applaud anyone who advocates for charity and social service. While some Americans barely scrape by, many are afflicted with various issues and lack the proper ability to support themselves or their families. Charities all over the world help everything from hunger, homelessness, and equal education opportunities. While Devan has had his run-ins with law enforcement in the past, it seems he is currently trying to be a positive force in his community and to those who still follow him. 

Stay tuned for more details.

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