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Catching up with L.A. Based Model Joy R. Richardson

Los Angeles-based model Joy R. Richardson is taking the industry by storm,, but he wants people to know his talent does not stop there. Joy plans on doing more work outside of the modeling industry, and He hints that he has been working on a huge project to where he’s writing his own book. His love for writing began at a very young age and has never left his side.”being a model is amazing” said joy but he wants those that follow his journey to see more of him and has no doubt once his book is published, they will be taken away.

In the aspect of modeling, when asked where he gets his inspiration from putting together these vibrant looks, Joy’s answer was simple. The sound of music. “Music is what makes me feel as if I’m able to conquer the world. Many times I’m listening to a new song or any song at that I imagine myself alive in the music. I like to ask myself what I would be doing or wearing if I was in this moment blasting this lovely soundtrack ”.  This very imagination has led Joy to add many more wins to his column.

Los Angeles photographer Anthony Bello states that Joy is a force to be reckoned with. “Working with Joy R. Richardson has been an amazing experience. His confidence in front of the camera was like he has done this all his life. His camera presence made it a seamless process to capture the best possible images we could get. This is, in fact, a man with a vision and equal execution. Joy has a natural talent, and I’m looking forward to what he comes up with next.”

A unique part about all of this buzz surrounding joy is that he is still an independent model searching to be signed by one of the nation’s top agencies. He states that this only makes him work harder because, regardless, he will stay consistent on producing top-tier content for his viewers to see. “Although I would absolutely love to work with some of the big names in modeling, I am by no means doing any of this to get rich. Being able to have my best angles captured and just being in front of the camera, in general, makes me feel like my own superhero. The most rewarding part about what I do is bringing to life the ideas that I have tucked inside my head. It’s almost as if every shoot I finish becomes a new part of me that I hold dear to my heart.” Joy states that this is something he can see himself doing for a lifetime. When asked what he wants his viewers to feel when looking at his work, he stated that he wants everyone to receive the same overwhelming joy he received while getting the images captured. “Joy is the most powerful emotion” His outstanding content can be found on Instagram: @joyrichardson_.

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