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The voices of choices….

Choices are a part of life.  We make choices every day – and often we are not even identifying them as choices.  At times we prefer to call them “requirements” or “obligations” or something of that sort.  At times we prefer to have others make the choice for us.  At times we wonder if we made “the right” choice. 

All these are actually choices in themselves.  Claiming your power, sharing your power, giving your power away – all those are choices.  Of course, some will argue that in some instances you don’t have a choice. Well, I disagree and we can address that another time.

Here and now I’d like to address the “voices” that our choices seem to have.  The voices they have are those that keep you up at night before, during, or after the choice-making process.  The voices are also originating from others around you when they question your choices or share their thoughts with you.  That means that all choices have voices and it means you need to decide which voice you listen to.

Some of the voices are from the doubters, from those that try to keep you back and tell you “you cannot” or “why” would you?  Those are usually the loudest based on our social training.. so .. cut the cords to those voices, drown them out with positivity and – what works for me is the right type of music and atmosphere, meditation etc. – the right people who will help you bring the positive voices to the front. 
Yes, it’s true that every second of every day you have a choice and one of the most important choices is NOT to figure out what to do; it is which choice voices to listen to.  That means work to

  1. Trust yourself and your instincts
  2. Identify the positive voices and embrace them
  3. Identify the limiting voices and eliminate them
  4. Follow the positive voice and add the atmosphere to amplify them
  5. Make your choices based on the positive, encouraging voices they carry to you.

So – the choice is yours; which voices will you be listening to and which ones will you be echoing?

Which pathway will you choose?

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