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How one woman is changing the way we know our authors

Lucia Matuonto is a published children’s book author, physiotherapist, Creative Director and has just added two more projects to her name. She is the host of the new interview program on called “UNCUT with Lucia”, and is also the host of her new podcast, “The Relatable Voice”.

She wanted to create a platform that allowed authors, writers and wordsmiths to speak their minds and show their face, and allow readers to get to know the people behind the words.

Lucia was in a library one day browsing books and noticed that all you could see about the author was a tiny picture and paragraph about who they were. Authors have personalities, thoughts and opinions and she wanted readers to have the opportunity to get better acquainted with these people who don’t often get to talk about themselves.

So she partnered up with her good friend Gaurav Gulati (who just happens to be the founder of – the World’s first online magazine dedicated to featuring authors, songwriters, filmwriters… from all around the globe). He came up with the idea of having an Author Interviews program that would allow us to engage with various authors and that is how “UNCUT with Lucia” was born. In a short year, they’ve managed to gather authors from all around the world and are currently publishing episodes, with many more to come.

The program itself is quite unique and each episode showcases an author or a writer. Of course, this is a fantastic way for these authors to promote their published work, but it is also a way for them to talk about their lives, their goals, or whatever else they feel like discussing. More importantly, they welcome all types of authors with varying degrees of success, as they know how crucial it is to gain exposure in such a competitive industry.

So far, they have had interviews centered around environmental concerns, to health issues such as mental health, women’s empowerment and so much more. In short, there is an abundance of conversation topics, which is a dream come true for Lucia to witness the different sides of each author.

As for The Relatable Voice, the way Lucia came up with this idea was a little different. She has lived in six different countries and has lived abroad for 16 years. Travelling, new experiences and new people have always been a passion of hers. She also always wanted to own an RV and roadtrip to different places with her husband. That being said, quarantine obviously interrupted that passion and dream. So she came up with the idea of having a podcast where she could have conversations with different guests from around the world. The idea is that The Relatable Voice, or the RV, is a virtual roadtrip where she can pick someone up and give them a ride and they can talk about life, books, goals, or whatever else comes up.

The guests she has already had range from life coaches, public speakers, etiquette and style experts, to healers, travellers, and even people who have battled or are battling diseases. Fortunately, this little idea of hers has been well-received and a new episode is being released twice a week.

Lucia Matuonto and Gaurav Gulati are always welcoming new guests to these programs, so if either program sounds like something you’d be interested in, please connect with Lucia at or visit her website Don’t forget to subscribe to “UNCUT with Lucia” and “The Relatable Voice” so you never miss an episode. You can also follow Lucia on Instagram @luciamatuontoauthor, @the_relatable_voice.

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