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From the tiniest acorn grows the mighty oak.

As I have previously mentioned life is all about up and down. (please see my story)

When I was up, I felt it was my duty to help others who were down. Infact, even when I was not able to do much, I still felt the need to help others. An example of this would be when I was employed in collecting clothes for charity. 

During my hightide time in Hungary when I was earning money hand over fist, I aided a Rock Opera Barbarians (Barbarok) who had no hope at all. Things were good for me when I was selling furniture in Hungary the Groupapproached me in 1996. The writer of this opera has since progressed on to drama serials. After three months of practice and one show the Group was broke! No chance of a CD or Cassette Tape deal either after one show in an open air park they were bust.

The help I provided became manifold. Not only did I give them the step they needed but had to create literally the stage that they stood on. Using my military contact who was working in the local council I was able to get hold of some camouflage gear. This was used to dress the stage as the show was supposed to be conducted in a jungle. 

With the stage set so to speak in a sports hall that could cater for 4,000 people at a time I invited the children of the schools and their teachers to watch it. I set a nominal fee which is now translated to $1 per person. We had three sittings and three shows in total. One for the Elementary School, one for the Middle School and finally one for the High School. The performances were enjoyed by 12,000 viewers everyone including the Group as it gave them a chance to perform what they had been practicing three months for. Rather than just being a one hit wonder especially as the Group comprised of famous theatre actors and actress along with professional dancers. 

TV Urge is now a new stage that I have built in the modern day to allow others to have the same chance. Hollywood itself has had many connections with Hungarian roots. People don’t even know that Andrew G. Vajna was Hungarian in origin. I believe that Hungarian people have an eye for talent and talent themselves in show business. Zsa Zsa Gábor is a perfect example. William Fox was Hungarian as was Adolph Zukor between them they had a legacy of Fox films and Paramount Pictures. Let us not forget the great Harry Houdini was also Hungarian as was Dracula, Bela Lugosi. I am sure there are many other countries that can produce such talent too. Perhaps there are hidden gems out there that need exposing. Who knows TV Urge may break into Hollywood as I am Hungarian too. My connection to America currently is this channel as its displayed-on Roku.

Rather than paying an Agent a potential star can expose themselves on TV Urge. This would be a lot easier for them then trying their hand at a talent show like America Got Talent. The stage isunlimited and the cost is free. I intend to create an Acting Show. The premise of this will be that a budding actress for example will want to play Monica from ‘Friends’ we will recreate the exact scene and clip of their choosing. That way it will be a benchmark and a measure of how talented this particular actress will be. Everyone has a chance rather than applying for a five-minute audition. This can be done in the comfort of their own home and in their time. Perhaps we will see the next Jessica Alba, Alexandra Daddario, Yvonne Strahovski or Charlie Sheen, David Duchovny?

In the same spirit if there is a screen writer or musician who wants to break onto the world stage, we can provide them with opportunity. Selecting the actors and actresses to place them with the screen writers and directors will hopefully make harmony. This is one example as we know that it takes more than just a writer and an actor to make a film. Each part that is required can be selected through the talent that is funnelled through TV Urge. When we are promoting them to help achieve their final goal, I can provide fundraising efforts and other support. They are creating and I am broadcasting their efforts to the world as always free of charge. 

This is not limited to films or acting. If there are any helpful guides and story tellers who want to show the world how Yoga or a Master Cooking Class works, they are welcome to join us. There is no limit here, any talent, anywhere for example any hopeful bands who need to express themselves can do so on TV Urge. Currently a Greek Open Water Swimming ClubLeandros is using our services and understands the benefits of being promoted on TV Urge for the whole world to see their exploits. They have positively relished the opportunity to enter the world stage for all to see at no cost. I will look forward to offering a detailed account of their journey with TV Urge in my next article on Open Water Swimming. This is the kind of swimming you do around Jelly fish, Sealines and even Sharks. 

Personally, I would like to give to society as you have seen throughout my tale. I am not a fan of music, yet I provided the opportunity that the Rock Opera Group needed. I do not have the talent to act, sing or dance yet I want to help those who do and to be a success. This is because I respect the struggle some have and have always tried to side with the underdog. No good talent should go unwasted and the chances that I am offering should be taken. This is because from the tiniest acorn grows the mighty oak. 

TV Urge available on Rokuand on the PC please check it out on and send any queries to:

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