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Rackword is the best multiplayer word game; here is why.

When the world was under trying times, only one thing kept us going – Multiplayer word games. 

Here’s how? 

When the world was at the stage of frenzy and confusion about what’s next! Students were waiting for their schools to open, Nursery sing-alongs were waiting to get started, peer groups put many get-togethers and parties on unprecedented halt, but they were unable to do so as governments across the world placed their people on lockdown and the multiplayer word game stepped up to the plate. 

When I was stuck inside my home, Rackword multiplayer word game emerged as a crucial resource. I needed an intellectual challenge that waits patiently for me while I puzzle things out. And then I found Rackword word game, which became my bedtime practice; I used to play Rackword multiplayer word game before going to bed and before dinnertime as I relax from the day’s work.

Rackword also worked for my sister, who had to work from home for a shift of 12 hours a day and had no time for herself. When you work your sweat out and the authorities tell you to stay shut up in your house, Rackword multiplayer games are more than a diversion. It is an essential coping tool. After finishing her work, she used to catch up with her friends.

Guess what? My sister and I are not alone in this. There are million people out there who wants something else, something valuable and intellectual than flashing lights and flickering social media. Believe me or not, Rackword is like that soft music, calm, authoritative, and intelligent, reassuring us that the world remains sane and that we can take comfort in something trivial but engaging.

I have mentioned almost fifty times about Rackword! And you must be thinking what is Rackword! 

Well, Rackword is a free multiplayer word game that enables you to go against the computer’s AI; you can even challenge your friends in different game modes. In Rackword, you can even play against other players all around the world. 

To be more precise, the concept of this word game is the same as other word games. Like scrabble, Rackword requires you to form words by dragging the letters. However, what I believe is that one thing that makes Rackword stand out in the competition is the multiplayer mode to team up with a friend and go against two other players.

What makes Rackword is the best multiplayer word game????

There’s not just one reason to focus on! Rackword tells you the detailed statistics of players’ progress and their ranking by evaluating the rating. All this happens at the end of each game, allowing players to compare themselves with their opponents. 

You can connect letters to form words and unleash your inner word master with an online multiplayer word game Rackword. Rackword also provides some speed controlling options for you where the playing times are as short as 30 seconds per turn or a little longer than 2 min per turn which means there is no need to wait for too long for the opponent to play their turn. Also, players can team up against Computer or their actual human opponents in a group of two as multiplayers can be exceeded up to 4 for forming a game of team 2 vs. 2. 

What’s more? 

The strategy in Rackword is to use your word skills to dominate your opponent. Rackword also allows you to choose players to compete with for wordsmithing supremacy. And ah! It got several power-ups, community features, and some internally added challenges too. Trust me! I spend my entire lockdown with Rackword only, and it’s no wonder why many people love playing word games. This game is ideal for clubbing fun with vocabulary. Rackword is one such game that won’t disappoint you at all. 

Where you can find Rackword? 

People can easily download Rackword multiplayer word games from the play store for free and enjoy challenging your vocabulary if they feel stuck in your tiresome routine. However, if you wish to play this word puzzle on your mobile browser or desktop computer without downloading anything, reach out to the Rackword Multiplayer word game website.

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