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How Onyx Sports Consulting is Sending Shockwaves Throughout the Sports Community

Meet the two young entrepreneurs behind the face of Onyx Sports Consulting, which has taken the world by storm over the last couple of months. Onyx has solidified itself within a short time frame in what is already a very saturated market. The owners, Mateo Reyes and Elan Golan, two sport enthusiasts, created the company with the idea of providing the average individual access to quality sport consulting. They started the company from their college dorm rooms and have managed to scale it into a reputable and distinguished company. 

We spoke to them about their journeys and their reasons for creating Onyx. The two young CEOs told us that nobody was bringing professionalism and transparency when it came to the sports consulting industry. Onyx seems to be a breath of fresh air in the polluted battleground. When discussing the early stages of Onyx, the two shared a story of adversity and how they overcame it. “We were two broke college students, and every penny we earned went directly back to investing in better company infrastructure,” said Golan. Over time, the company scaled to a size they were not anticipating. Reyes attributes this success to the quality of their work, claiming that “good quality products speak for themselves”. The subscription services they offer include weekly documents with various sport statistics and professional consulting regarding outcomes. They also provide customers with automatic text alerts to notify of any changes regarding games. These are revolutionary methods that have not been implemented by anybody else in the consulting business and they are attributed for the company’s newly found success.

I asked the young owners what the future of their company holds. They claim they plan to keep on scaling. “We’ve already seen massive growth and there is no reason to stop now” claims Reyes. “When you are revolutionizing an industry there is no limit to what you can do. There are no barriers in our way, and we are here to change the image of an industry that many people look down upon today, due to the poor reputation these other companies have stained it with”. Onyx clearly has a long-term plan and they are stopping at nothing to dominate the sport consulting industry. 

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