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Highly Anticipated Film “The Lady of Heaven” Breaks World Records before its release

Never before has there been a movie about the life of Lady Fatima – until now.

The Enlightened Kingdom film production company has set out to bring the story of Lady Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, to the big screen. “​There are 250 films on Jesus Christ, 120 films about Moses, 80 about the other Prophets, and 40 films about Buddha, but there are none about the life of Lady Fatima the Daughter of the Prophet Muhammed, until now​,” said executive producer Hussain Ashmere.

“The Lady of Heaven” follows Lady Fatima’s tragic journey and the story of one Iraqi child who loses his mother during war. After losing his mother, the child is sent to live with a doting grandmother who tells him the story of Lady Fatima and teaches him the importance of patience. Lady Fatima was the first victim of terrorism, and gives us a look into how terrorism has spiraled into the 21st century. “This film is an important film for people to know about the story of the Lady. It is a story of peace and sacrifice and self sacrifice for the greater good,” said Malik Shlibak, office manager for Sheikh Al-Habib (writer of The Lady Of Heaven).

The film’s trailer has already garnered millions of views, and over 100 people made reaction videos to the film’s trailer. Audiences everywhere are growing more and more excited for the film’s upcoming release for a number of reasons, including that the film is the first ever to portray such sacred religious figures. “The Lady of Heaven” will also give viewers insight into the origins of ISIS, depicting historically accurate accounts of terrorism.

With the portrayal of these religious figures comes a lot of intricacies that must be addressed to ensure no religious codes are broken. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has already asked for a ban on the trailer, simply due to the nature of the story, but the film’s production crew is still hard at work to ensure the “The Lady of Heaven” is respectful and in line with all codes. John Stephenson, OBE, was brought in just for this task.

In order to ensure all religious figures were represented respectfully, the Enlightened Kingdom used innovative technology and new filming styles. “Following Islamic tradition, no individual represented a Holy Personality during the making of this film. The performances of the Holy Personalities were achieved through a unique synthesis of actors, in-camera effects, lighting, and visual effects,” said the producers.

“The Lady of Heaven” was shot in Georgia and London, and has even been described as “Lawrence of Arabia meets Game of Thrones.” Though the pandemic made film releases uncertain, the movie is expected to debut internationally this year.

“The Lady is held dear in the hearts of billions of people worldwide, but her story has never been shared through film. Her story is a universal one we can all learn from. The movie encompasses themes that continue to remain relevant even amidst modern-day politics and societal issues,” said the filmmakers.

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