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“Chicago Rapper Trent – G Pins A Strong Song Endorsing Reparations”.

Who is “Trent – G”? “Trent – G” is an independent award nominated rapper from Chicago who has been a special guest on numerous TV & Radio shows to share his lyrical talents with the world. Trent’s first national TV appearance was him winning $10,000 on the Steve Harvey’s Big Time TV Show as the fastest rapper in the world. He then went on to be a special guest on “Good Morning America” for his fast rapping talent. After those shows, “Trent” was written up in many Chicago newspaper articles, like “The Daily South Town Newspaper”, “The Windy City Word Newspaper”, “Street Wise Newspaper”, and others. “Trent” has also shared the stage with other Chicago rappers like “Twista”, “Common”, Da Brat”, and more. He even opened up a show for “Mike Jones” once. 

Furthermore, when “Trent” was younger, he glorified negative things in his music, but as time proceeded, he started to make music to inspire, motivate, and encourage the listener to want more out of life. He also shares his faith in God, and talks about his relationship with Jesus, which brings us to “Reparations”, a rap song written by “Trent”. The song has so much passion and heartfelt lyricism to it, that we over at “The L.A. Times” could not ignore it. When we asked “Trent” what was his motivation behind the song, he told us that “I Just Wanted To Make A Song That Let The World Know Where I Stood On The Topic Of Reparations Being Paid To American Descendants Of Slaves For What Their Ancestors Endured On American Soil”. He then said “So, If Anyone Wants To Know My Views On The Topic Of Reparations, That Song Says It All”.

We asked “Trent” why does he feel that Reparations are owed to descendants of Slaves, and he said “The Racism And Mistreatment Against Our Ancestors From Slavery, Still Impacts Us Negatively Today”. “There Is A Huge Wealth Gap In This Country That Began With Slavery, And Then Jim Crow”, And So Much More”. “The Country Should Pay What It Owes”. However, “Trent” knows that there is opposition against that belief, and some people feel that Reparations should not be paid for something that ended so long ago. Some say this generation should not pay, because this generation was not the ones who enslaved people. The topic is touchy, but needed to say the least, and with HR – 4O being presented on Capital Hill by Democratic representative Sheila Jackson Lee, which speaks to Reparations for descendants of Slaves, and with the passing of a so called Reparations bill in Evanston Illinois to help its black residents with housing, the country will have to just see where it goes.

Nevertheless, Trent’s lyrics to the song “Reparations” are amazing, and will make anyone stop to listen. There is also an official video to the song on youtube, which looks amazing. It was filmed in Chicago by “Jay” of “Local To Global Productions”, and executive produced by “Cortez Mack”. In closing, “Trent” has more accolades to his resume then mentioned above, but we won’t name them all here. To learn more about “Trent”, go to his website at, and check out the “Reparations” song here Thanks for reading.

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