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Messages from Beyond the Void: How One Paranormal Author Gives Voice to Experiences of the Supernatural

There are things in our world that are unexplained and beyond sight yet that impact some of us every day.

Such is the experience of paranormal author Eve S Evans who says that contact with the world beyond is not only a facet of her life but a foundational aspect of her entire life experience.

To say that this author has delved into her subject matter head first would be an understatement at best, and woefully compartmentalizing at worst.

And Evans is not only to be placed into a fixed category, either, recently detailing much-anticipated plans to delve into fiction in addition to her chronicles of the paranormal accounts of others.

Because Eve S Evans isn’t alone in her experiences, she is uniquely suited to bringing those accounts into the wider public consciousness through her books and podcasts, among other media ventures. Yet she wasn’t always convinced of the realm beyond sensation – that is until she had her first connection with forces beyond textbook explanation.

A veteran of living in haunted houses, Evans never really gave the concept much weight until she had a road to Damascus conversion where she could no longer deny the supernatural forces in our own world.

“I was a skeptic believer…Until the second house. Then I was a full-on believer. Once things happen that you cannot debunk, what other option do you have but to believe in something paranormal?”

What about the second house convinced her that what she witnessed was not only real but palpably so?

“My second haunted house terrified me…Footsteps in the middle of the night, waking up to our bed shaking, banging on the walls, you name it,” she explains.

The chronicler of more than 22 real ghost stories, Eve S Evans takes the experiences of others and translates them into a literary vision that captures the weight and gravity of each account while also giving proper respect to the unexplained forces at work within each. A recent project, detailing the experiences that first-responders had with the paranormal, epically melds both the horror genre as well as true crime.

“My most recent anthology is True Ghost Stories of First responders. This was my favorite to interview and write. I love true crime and the paranormal, so it just fit.”

Other works include 50 Terrifying Ghost Stories, Haunted People, Haunted Suburbs, Chilling Ghost Stories, and others, among which includes an upcoming memoir detailing the author’s firsthand accounts with the otherworldly phenomenon she so deftly recounts for others. Part of this gift comes from her abilities as an empath, a gift she wasn’t aware she had until some time later in life.

“I didn’t even know what an empath was until 2020. I always could feel things or sometimes even know things, but I dismissed it as just odd. I didn’t know there was an actual name for it.”

As with many empaths, there were several instances in her life where Eve S Evans knew she was different yet couldn’t exactly explain the phenomenon. Feeling very in tune with the currents around her and even being able to intuit things that others might not immediately realize, the author vividly recalls one such experience where her talent and the energies of the universe at large coalesced in a powerful way.

“When I was 15, I was on a date with my boyfriend. We had just left to go see a movie. My mom was going to run errands while we were at the movie. On the way to the theater, I just got this terrible feeling. Overwhelming. I needed to go home; something was wrong,” she recalls.

“I asked my boyfriend to take me home and at first, he was upset at me. But once he saw my face and how worried I was he obliged. When I got home my grandma’s car was in the driveway which was odd because one, my mom was leaving, and two my grandma didn’t drive much anymore because her eyesight was bad. Then once I got inside, my mom was on the couch crying, my grandma comforting her.”

Her intuitions confirmed, Evans continues: “My mom had been in a terrible car accident and her car was totaled. I was shook. And off and on I get feelings and not all the time are they right, but about 80% of the time they are. It’s weird.”

Like many authors, her desire to write started young and, at only 7 years of age, she knew she wanted to share her work with the wider world. Discussing a recent transition from non-fiction accounts of paranormal experiences to fictional stories, Evans highlights her literary influences as well as her love for dabbling in different genres and styles.

Explaining her desire to publish works in addition to anthologies, Evans explains, “I want to branch into some fiction. I’ll still be releasing new anthologies every year, but Darcy Coates is my favorite author. She writes fictional stories about haunted houses and I just wanted to give it a go.”

Outlining an aggressive release schedule that sees the prolific author producing no less than five books a year, she has released The Haunting of Hartley House (book 1 of a 2-book series) and The Haunting of Crow House (book 1 of a 2-book series).

In addition to her work as an author, Evans also runs her own business full-time and contributes to no less than four paranormal subject matter podcasts. These include Forever Haunted, a program that she co-hosts with her husband James, The Ghosts That Haunt Me with Eve Evans, Bone Chilling Tales to Keep You Awake, and A Truly Haunted Podcast. The podcasts are currently available on all major outlets including Spotify, Apple, and Stitcher.

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