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Cambodian Hip-Hop Artist Kid Cambo From Seattle is the Next Big Thing.

Janathen Phath, or Kid Cambo as he is more commonly known, is a new talent to watch out for in the hip hop music industry. A young, ambitious artist with a Black and Asian Cambodian origin, Cambo has hit the market with a unique sound accompanied by lots of sharpness. He is also the founder and owner of the So Riel Supply Clothing brand. Before the pandemic, Kid Cambo held a sold-out music concert with no promoters onboard. He accomplished this himself with the help of his friend Villy and his father. His star is undoubtedly shining, and he has won the hearts of music lovers in this cutthroat industry.

Cambo was born in Seattle, Washington, and spent his early life in Kent, where he still lives. Growing up, he aspired to be a basketball player just like many other kids in America. But it was until when he joined Washington State University to pursue a degree in humanities that he fell in love with music. He used to freestyle with his friends, who would be carried away by his voice and encourage him to make music. That’s how he found his GFB co-founder, Villy. 

Juggling between music and studies, Cambo was already anxious and feared that he might not graduate. Besides, he had been through a toxic relationship and had lost a close friend through gun violence. But still, he understood very well that if he needed to succeed in music, he had to push on. He was doing it for his family, friends, and, more importantly, himself. Through persistent hard work and commitment, he perfected his music game, and in 2018, he released his first single. In early 2020, Cambo hit the ground running with two successful shows before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Being a Black artist from the Cambodian community, Cambo attracted a considerable fan base that supported him. Together with his group Go For Broke (GFB), he turned this newfound hobby into a career. Since then, Cambo has taken his music career to a whole new level. In the last year, he has made numerous flights to California and Las Vegas to meet and be in the Mix room with the renowned sound engineer J Shriver. He also interacted and worked with various artists and music producers during the trips, leaving him with a vast music scene experience.

Cambo moved back to his hometown, and in the past few months, he has worked with Jordan Santana and his good friend John Thomas to improve his music. He has worked with various producers, including Trill k, 6pointsmusic, Hendrik Volta, and CGBeats, on his latest album dubbed “Insert Songs Here.” The album is fantastic and has been featured in numerous Instagram and TikTok videos, including a video by the TikTok sensation KGodd to Seattle’s TownEnt own Ellis Prescott. The album is a clear reflection of who he is, and he believes it’s going to catch the ears of more music enthusiasts.

As a young artist from Seattle, where it is rare to find a hip hop artist, Cambo is determined to push his brand up in the music scene and be recognized by millions. His ambition is to see himself at the top of the Billboard charts, working with global superstars such as Drake, Kanye West and Travis Scott.

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